31 August 2009


We paid off S's car this month - woohoo! One less debt to pay :) I was finalizing the budget when I heard the mail arrive. Nestled in the mailbox was a letter from the government saying that they recalculated my taxes as common-law instead of single, now I owe about triple the car payment.

Or in the past: overdraft paid in full!...and then the transmission dies on the car.

And: one credit card paid off!...school fees are astronomical.

Or how about: recalculate the budget - debts paid sooner than expected!....then I started working a 'temporary' four-day week.

Oh well, when Employment Insurance finally starts up I'll be paid 55% of may wages for any Friday not worked. Unless Taxation Canada puts a garnishee on my wages to repay what they overpaid.


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