05 August 2009

Look what I found

Every morning at work I have a fruit parfait. It's fruit that's been cut up with Lemon Meringue yogurt on top, and pecans, slivered almonds, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal on top of that. Strawberries are a staple in my parfait because they are available all summer long here, but this last week my local Safeway had run completely out of them. Sitting in their place were grapes. Now, it's easy to go wrong with grapes. They can have seeds or be too tart. So I ate one to make sure they were tasty, and they were, so now they are in my parfait. I need to put a lot of grapes in my parfait though, as they are smaller than the strawberry pieces. Here's one of the grapes next to an average green grape:

Cute, huh? They are called Champagne Grapes and I don't think I've ever seen them before. Certainly they are the opposite of the softball-sized peaches that I keep seeing.

Do you know what else I found recently? A wasp's nest. Well, not the actual nest, more like the entry point. I have had a few nests over the years, usually in the back yard. The wasps used to come around and bite the dayhome kids so I would put a mixture of honey, Dr Pepper, sugar, and syrup out for them to eat. They ate it instead of stinging the kids, but they also brought friends and started thinking it was a good place to live. I haven't had the dayhome for four years now, and this will be the fourth out of five years that I have a nest nearby (no nest last year). This one is on the bottom of my house, right in the corner where the step meets the house. Since I will not live in a house that has wasps in the walls, I called the exterminator. So hopefully by Monday it will be gone.


Sheri said...

That sounds so tasty! The fruit salad, not the wasps.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! oooooo oooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo oooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo oooo the cuteness is killing me!!!!!

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

keep... coming... back... to.. see... the... adorableness!!!!