21 August 2009


Every once in a while I get the urge to organize the stuff in my life. It started with my living room.

I was discussing (...or complaining) with S about how his hobby of collecting and assembling miniatures for Warhammer 40K was getting out of hand. His computer desk was filled with partially assembled bits of Space Marines and scenery, and it was spreading to two other surfaces and the floor. As much as I want him to continue his hobby and enjoy it, I didn't want our living room to be overtaken by bits. We had looked at some storage from Ikea that we liked but we need to save money for my car first, storage second. So we ended up doing what I've been doing for the last 20 years: find other furniture in the house and move it around.

That started on Wed night. I went to bed with a partially re-arranged living room and only an idea of what to do about the rest of it. When I got home from work on Thurs I dusted all the surfaces and started swapping furniture around. S got home from work and helped with the rest of it, so now our living room looks a bit more spacious and definitely more organized. During all this I decided the house was filthy and in need of a good deep cleaning. I reserved that for today, since I'm still not working on Fridays.

If my mom taught us girls anything, it was how to clean a house, so thank you mom :) I got up this morning and did a workout on the elliptical, then headed into the bathroom to clean it. I figured it would be easier to clean the bathroom while I was still sweaty from the workout. That way I can rinse the tub by having my shower :) Which is exactly what I did. In an effort to remove the pee smell from the loo, I washed the toilet (inside and out), walls, floor, tub, sink, shower tiles, and the inside and outside of the medicine cabinet. And the bathroom still smelled like pee. So I washed the toilet brush and re-did the wall/floor behind the toilet. And it still smelled like pee. I think I need a new wax ring.

Anyway, when I was done that, I had a shower and moved into the boy's rooms. I had told them I was going to shampoo their carpets in an effort to get the gum out of J's carpet and squished Rolos/spilled Iced Capp out of T's carpet. Getting them to stop eating in their rooms was a battle I gave up on long ago. The natural consequence would be to have them shampoo their own carpets, but I'm a stickler for having it done my way. So I do it. First I did J's room. He had already cleaned most of it up so I just had to pick up the garbage and get the stuff off the floor. I vacuumed (using the shop vac - it has so much better suction!) then shampooed it using the hand wand while on my hands and knees. The carpet was that icky. For some reason the powerhead just doesn't do a deep enough clean, and there were spots I had to actually scrub to get clean. BTW - peanut butter does get gum out of carpets.

T's room was next. He didn't clean it first so it got cleaned my way. He may or may not notice the things I threw away or the change that I found on the floor that I kept. I had to do his carpet on all fours as well, it was that filthy. I think there were three spots of spilled Iced Capp/hot chocolate/pop in addition to the massacred Rolos. It's amazing that we don't have ants or mice feasting off the cruddies in the boys' rooms. Yet.

Next was the walls. I actually cleaned my walls. Well, not all of them, just the bottom four feet to get the plethora of hand prints off. After a short break I started on the living room and hallway carpet. Luckily I only had to do my little hallway on my knees, the living room wasn't nearly as dirty. That left the kitchen.

Now, my kitchen hasn't been cleaned in...well...I want to say less than a year but I think that'd be inaccurate. I have cleaned the stove top and wiped the counters and table, but that's it. So first I removed the growing dust bunny from the corner wall above the fridge, swept the floor, washed the cupboard doors, scrubbed the sinks, cleaned the walls, spot-washed the back entry, cleaned the counters and finally, washed the floor on my hands and knees.

That took me a full eight hours of serious cleaning. Now my house sparkles and I am exhausted. Time to find the butt-divot in the couch, settle in, and watch tv.

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Chantelle said...

I love changing the furniture around... it's like having a new place.

If you wanted to come here and clean I wouldn't say no... our place is a pigsty. Not just because the surfaces haven't been dusted in longer than I care to remember, but because we can't see the surfaces (including much of the floor) because they're covered in piles of jun.... err, important stuff.

I love you, seester,