01 August 2009


- The birds are loving our bird feeder. I had to fill it up again yesterday as it was near empty. So far there are only Blue Jays, Magpies, Crows and little brown birds eating from it. Possibly squirrels, too, but I haven't seen any. As soon as I can get a good photo of the brown birds I'll post it, maybe someone can help me identify them...please?

- My Union has settled the contract negotiations. We voted to accept the proposal today so I can expect my 3% retroactive raise any time. One other item in the proposal was to get the civic holiday off in August, but it's too late for this year so we'll get a day in lieu in the near future. Quite frankly, I've had enough days off with this whole shortened week thing, I'd rather just be paid for it. I'm in the minority in that opinion.

- Because of the Cake Stealer taking cakes from the break room at work and one person (no, not me) making a big stink about it, we will no longer have the privilege of having waste cakes or layers in the break room. Maybe I'll lose weight...but probably not. Sighhhh, I miss them already.

- My sweet peas are seriously stunted. It's been a dry year and I haven't been watering them as much. They are not even halfway up my fence and by now they should be blooming. Maybe next year they'll be better.

- One of my rose bushes is growing oddly. It started out looking just like the others. That is to say, it looked like a bush. This year it has one single stalk reaching for the sky, leaving the rest of the bush behind. I wonder if the rest will catch up to it.

- J hurt his back about two years ago so I took him to the doctor. I didn't do it sooner because I know that soft tissue injuries take a long time to heal, but he still has back pain. Ok, back pain from playing football and whatnot. S's family was telling me to take him to a chiropractor but I don't quite trust chiropractors, so off we went to the doctor. He checked J's back and discovered a curve. It seems he's inherited my scoliosis, possibly. The doctor said it wasn't serious enough to treat...like mine.

- I have been thinking about Sun-Rype's Apple Lime juice for a while now. I can remember the taste of the crisp apples with tart limes very well and have been craving it. My mom used to like the juice warm so it tasted more lime-y than apple-y, I preferred it chilled. Last week I was at Safeway and caught sight of a box so brought it home with more excitement than juice should receive. I chilled it for a few days so it would be nice and tasty. I poured myself a cup, took a sip, and agreed with S that it tasted like cleaner. I think the lime taste has been changed to make it sweeter. Very disappointing. Of course it is possible that my taste buds have changed as I've noticed chocolate tastes like wax lately. That's even more disappointing.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

sparrows, aka 'lbj' or 'little brown jobs'. but post a picture, cuz i might be wrong. try to get a couple shots that show the head, because most of the lbj have subtle differences in the head markings. yay for the birds liking your feeder!

to force the rose to bush out more, you may need to chop that long stem off after it has gone dormant in the fall.

scoliosis must suck. can't remember if you ever had pain from it.


Anonymous said...

Apple-lime juice had been off the market for quite a while, at least where I shop. So I just added concentrated lime juice to my Blue label apple juice. It doesn't have the clarity of the factory made, but I can make it as limey as I want.
Love, Mom