04 September 2009

Supper time!

Supper time at my bird feeder :) There are a ton of seeds all over the ground for the bird to eat as well as the ones in the feeder. I apologize for the terrible quality of the picture, I had to take the photo through the bedroom window screen. The sparrows are skitterish little birds and would hear me coming around the house every time I tried to sneak up on them outside. So I had to stalk my bedroom window and wait for them to be busy to snap a picture. Even then they would usually fly away every time I brought my ruby red camera up to focus.

The sparrows have been coming out in a larger and larger flock lately, and my magpies seem to be disappearing. Not too long ago there was a big commotion in the tree across the street. The magpies were crowding around in it and squawking away like they were in mourning. There was also two large crows sitting near the top of the tree at the time. S said that was the tree that he saw a baby magpie fall from, so maybe there was a problem in the nest or maybe a territory fight. Anyway, since that night the magpies haven't been around as much and the sparrows seem to have brought some friends to the feeder.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

holy bird carpet, batman!

Anonymous said...

I'll bring Snickers over and it will really be Lunch Time!
Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I love the bird carpet!

L.RabbitGirl said...

Hi! I just discovered you off of bipolar planet. I find it really interesting that you don't take medications. Did you always not take them, as in not start them at all? Or did you try them and then decide they weren't for you?