19 September 2009

There's a dog in T's school

As I've mentioned before, T is in grade 10. A new (for me) thing in high schools is a police officer on site and a drug sniffing dog. T was telling me that the dog actually lives in the school which makes sense, that way the dog can get used to different smells and be comfortable in it's surroundings.

T then told me that the drug dog sniffed out some drugs the other day...on Z, a boy we've known since kindergarten. I asked T if it was just a residual smell the dog picked up, thinking that the aroma of pot can really cling to things. T said no, there were drugs on Z and in Z's locker. I asked what kind of drugs they were, expecting pot or hash. Nope. It was cocaine. Seriously, cocaine. That just boggles my mind. I did ask if this was just a rumor floating around the school, but T said he saw it all happen. Eek.

T and Z don't get along but they are polite when they see each other. They were in the same class from kindergarten through grade 6, then in the same junior high and now high school. Z lives half a block away from me and I am friendly with his mom and step dad. I have looked after Z when I ran my dayhome, which is where I learned that some people will just never get along. T and Z are like oil and water, they don't fight and are not violet to each other, but they don't like each other at all. As soon as I saw this I didn't encourage T to play with Z even though we live so close to each other, but I am still friendly with the family when I see them.

Although I know that this may not matter, I'm glad T and Z aren't close friends. I don't want to increase the probability that T will do drugs by hanging out with kids that are doing drugs. I did take the opportunity to tell T that a really excellent way to sabotage your future and really screw up your life is to take drugs. Drugs feel good but definitely derail any plans you may have for a good life. It's too easy to become addicted and only live for the next high if they start on that path.

And please, Universe, oh please...let my boys have enough failure to learn to appreciate success, but not so much that they choose a self-destructive path...please...

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Chantelle said...

OMG that's crazy! Not only that they have dogs but that they *need* them... because kids have hard drugs on them!!!! And it's a kid you know!!! Holy crap. That whooshing sound is the bullet that just missed you.

I very much hope that neither of your boys gets involved with drugs. I understand experimentation... but I'd hate to see them go down the road I did.