11 October 2009

Food, glorious food

I do so love my food. What I find a little odd is that I don't mind cooking food. I don't know exactly when I started to really enjoy finding recipes or trying new things with food, but I know I didn't cook much as a teenager.

When I moved in with my ex, I would panic about dinner. I didn't know what he would want to eat or what time he wanted dinner, and I had no clear idea of what I wanted to eat either. Once I had my boys and wasn't working outside the home any more, I cooked dinner as much as possible. But then my ex would come home from work and ask what was for dinner, I would tell him, he'd say he didn't want that, and then he'd disappear into the computer room for hours instead of eating with us. So I learned how to make dinner regardless of what he wanted, and instead thought mainly of what I felt like making as well as what the boys would eat.

Now I really do make an effort to make sure each person's favorite meals are represe
nted as often as possible. J is the fussiest eater I've ever met and likes food that is easy to chew and not complicated. And he hates trying anything new. T will try anything and likes a generous selection of food so it's easier to plan a meal for him. S will eat just about anything I make, with a smile. Gotta love that :)

Anyway, I was shopping with my older sister and my mom in preparation for my mom's
upcoming hysterectomy (it went fine, she's home and doing well). While I was in the produce section I came across something called 'kiwi grapes'. Now, I like kiwis and I like grapes, so I bought them. I ate some when I got home and they are tasty. They have the initial texture of a grape, but taste like a mild kiwi. And they look like little kiwis, which just adds to the appeal. I took a picture of them with a kiwi so you can see the scale :)

The other neat thing I found was eggnog. Ok, it's been around for a while :) We make an eggnog cheesecake at work and you'd think I'd get tired of it after scaling 50 liters per recipe of it, but I don't. I still love it. Anyway, I'd bought whipping cream to go with the pumpkin pie and was whipping away and thought, can eggnog be whipped? So I tried that today, and yes, it can be whipped :)

I tried to whip it on it's own and it got thicker but wouldn't set up. So I added cream of tartar to help, it still wouldn't set up. Then I added cream that had already been whipped, and it worked! Now I have whipped eggnog for my pumpkin pie. Aside from eating it with a spoon right out of the bowl, it also tastes good on sliced bananas.

Thinking of fat, I was watching Dr Oz and he gave a formula to figure out how many calories you need each day at the weight you're at. You take your weight x 8, then add 200. So at my current weight of 145 lbs I need 1350 calories to function. But when I was tracking my calories earlier in the year to see how much I ate, I found I was eating from 2500-2900 calories a day and I haven't gained or lost weight. So...if I need 1350 calories to simply exist, then I'm burning approximately 1500 calories at work alone (I don't use the elliptical every day any more - just too tired). No wonder I haven't lost weight - my body probably thinks its starving when I eat less because of the sheer amount of exercise I do, so it slows my metabolism down. It did occur to me that if I ever am not working there, I will get very round very quickly.

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whiiippppppped eggnoooooooooooggggg.....

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