25 October 2009

Sleep, oh elusive sleep

I was reading my sister's blog just now and she has a post on sleeping. Funny thing is that she's planning on sleeping on her couch tonight...and that's where I've spent the last week sleeping! Not on her couch, on mine, and both of us for reasons other than fighting with our guy.

For me it's because I have been one step past the edge of exhaustion all week. I had my period (probably TMI, but relevant) which may have contributed to the lowered iron levels of my already scarce supply of iron. I take iron supplements twice a day, but once a month for a week I could literally sleep around the clock. Combine that with being busier at work and back to working five days a week and I was just a zombie.

But even though my body was exhausted and desperate for sleep, my brain was firing off all synapses at once. I'd be in bed and the slightest noise would get me thinking "what was that, when will I fall asleep? I need to sleep now, right now, so relax, yes relaaaaax, am I relaxed enough? Ooop, S snored will he keep snoring? How will I fall asleep? What's it like to fall asleep? Why don't I remember the actual moment of entering sleep? Did J just leave his room? Is he taking Tylenol? I hope he only takes one. I don't want his liver to fail. How will I make sure he only takes one? Was that T getting up to use the washroom? Why do my boys stay up so late? Good heavens it's a school night, they should be asleep. When will I go to sleep? I'm so tired." And so on. It was driving me bonkers so I got up and made a bed on the couch where I instantly fell asleep.

I think the reason I could sleep in the living room is because the electronic hum of the TV and two computers was a constant noise instead of an intermittent noise. Every time S snored, shifted, rustled the covers, breathed, or twitched I would jerk to fully awake from slightly relaxed. Combine that with a wrinkle developing in the bottom sheet, S tugging on the top sheet, my pillow developing a lump, the covers being too hot then too cold, the covers moving slightly with S's large shoulders, and my nightwear starting to tangle, I was just inconsolable. While the couch wasn't super comfortable to sleep on, I did actually sleep for a few continuous hours each night.

Finally this weekend my brain seems to have settled down and I was able to sleep in my own bed (with S) right through the night. Now today I'm taking a Nothing Day to recuperate before going to work tomorrow. Nothing Days are something I read about in a book by Martha Beck: they are days when you only do what's absolutely necessary to survive and you rest as much as possible. So far I've read my book, cat napped in the sunbeam, rested, ate cookies, had hot cocoa (made with whole milk, yum), surfed the web, and started the laundry. For me, this is a very low activity day. Now I plan on spinning my computer chair around, putting my feet up on the chair next to me, and staring out the window until the laundry needs to be changed. I highly recommend Nothing Days :)

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Chantelle said...

For some reason, the couch is one of the best places to fall asleep. I loove sleeping on our couch and always used to nap there. Now I nap on the spare bed, which is also very comfy.

Ian and I have separate topsheets on our bed, which helps to avoid one person steeling the sheet and leaving the other freezing.

I hope you're feeling less tired soon. I sorta wish your doctor would either do more tests or send you to a specialist.

Love you,