02 October 2009


I am waiting for the plumber to arrive. I finally decided that it's too much trouble to plunge the toilet every time something more substantial than pee goes down there. Originally I thought it was the sewer line acting up as I've known three people in my area to have to replace theirs. But alas, the basement toilet is behaving normally and the washer doesn't cause a flood in the floor drain. Therefore it's probably a problem with just the upstairs throne. I will happily pay someone to snake out the line instead of doing it myself.

Thinking of drains, the drain in wash bay at work is clogged. It clogged so badly today that when one guy tried his usual trick of sending higher pressure water down the drain to clear it, the drain halfway across the plant backed up and developed a large puddle. The toilet at work also backed up. Coincidence? I think not. The maintenance guy had to call a plumber to fix it.

Thinking of work, the cook who was stealing cake is now stealing leftover batter. She has a friend in wash bay that helps her open up the depositor and drain the batter into a pail so she can take it home. If the cook signed a Non Disclosure Agreement in regards to the reci
pes, wouldn't taking batter home be wrong as well? I think it would. That cook frustrates me to no end.

Thinking of frustration, I keep trying to set a series recording for the show Flash Forward on my PVR. I set it to record on Fridays so it doesn't interfere with CSI or Survivor. But the PVR keeps sending me a message telling me that it can't record FF because CSI and Survivor are recording at the same time on Thursday. I want to shout at the machine that I'm trying to set it for Friday, not Thursday.

Thinking of TV, as much as I love my shows, I love movies too :) There are several I'm looking forward to seeing, but not in the theater. I get several of the movie channels so I'll just wait for most of them to be on there and record them. I have a sticky note on my computer desk with a long list of movies to watch for. One of them is Zombieland, that looks really cool :)

Thinking of zombies, I get my a newspaper delivered to my house every day. One of the main reasons is so I can keep up-to-date on my favorite cartoons, one of which is Bizarro. Lately, Bizarro has been featuring zombies a lot, which makes me think fondly of my older sister who is quite into zombies. When I was trying to find the zombie cartoons that I've been seeing in my paper I found out there is a Bizarro website. It's a bit, well, bizarre.

Sigh...no plumber yet.

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