05 November 2009

Still Hopeful

As some of you may know, it is my goal in the Universe to please people. Specifically, my bosses. It's what I'm good at and I no longer question why. It is simply a matter of genetic makeup that I look for ways to always be in my employer's golden light and stay the Hell away from any Hairy Eyeball looks from the Upper Ups.

Today I noticed that one of our rum flavorings was wrong. And by 'wrong' I mean 'gelatinous' instead of 'liquid'. This is a large difference in the product. I feel like I could have caught this error in the product sooner if I'd simply read the label which proudly said "rum gel flavor" instead of "rum flavoring". Kicking myself for missing the obvious (but also wondering why Shipping didn't catch it either before it was even sent to me) I did as I do and went to the person in charge of QA to inform her of the difference and have her come and look at it. I had to admit that I'd already started to pour the gelly rum into the liquid rum before I'd noticed it was different. I thought I'd get an earful about checking before pouring, but no, I was praised.

The Owner was on the floor today and heard about the gel rum and came to look at it. I pointed out that the alcohol content was half of what it should have been, rendering the product useless for our needs. She took the new opened gel rum and the empty old bottle and told me what an excellent catch that was. She pointed out how the labels looked almost exactly alike, and I pointed out how it looked exactly the same in the bottle. I felt very glowy in her golden light, although I really should have read the label before opening the ingredient. Silly me even noticed the font was different and there appeared to be more words on the label, but I still hadn't read it first. But still, she complimented me and I took it with a smile :)

Still warm from praise I heard her come up behind me and ask if I routinely took cakes out of the oven. I told her yes. She asked in her nasty voice if I'd been trained on how to bake cheesecakes. No, I hadn't, nor am I a baker with papers. So I said that no, I hadn't and that I was trained as the fall back person to take cakes out of the ovens when they were done if nobody else was around. I told her that since the Main Baker started working days instead of nights I hadn't touched the finished cakes. And I mentioned that the procedure had changed from removing the cakes immediately to taking the temperature first (to ensure doneness) and since I had no idea what temperature they should be, I always go and get someone now. She seemed...placated. Still with an ember of golden glow I went back to work.

As I was finishing up, Owner, Big Boss, QA, and Purchaser came into my area asking to see the old rum liquid. Well...it was down Wash Bay drain by this point. See, I'd been trained that when something is contaminated it gets discarded. I'd contaminated the liquid by pouring some gel into it, told the Powers That Be, showed the Powers That Be, made a note of the weight and lot code, then discarded it. As per training. I got to listen to an earful with witnesses that I should have saved the liquid, that ingredients are never discarded until I receive written instructions on doing so. Sigh. Golden glow faded.

This is not the first time lately that the Owner has informed me of the correct way of doing something while being surrounded by several other people. She has the remarkable ability to make me feel like the problem is my fault for not intuitively knowing that she wants things done differently. It wouldn't be so bad if someone would back me up in front of her that I was trained to do things in that manner. That hasn't happened yet, but I'm still hopeful :)

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