13 December 2009


This is the view standing on my front step at 9:30 this morning. It is cold out. I woke up this morning to ice fog outside and iced windows inside. At the moment it's -36C and expected to warm to -32C later today. The bright spot in the photo is the sun which unfortunately won't get much higher in the sky this time of year. We are rapidly approaching the shortest day of the year (winter solstice) which will only bring around seven and a half hours of sunlight.

You can see the ice fog better here in the back yard. What should be neat is that if the sun burns off the fog we'll have hoar frost on the trees. That always looks so pretty :)

As much as I'd love to hibernate today, I have to go out to pick up sub in
gredients that I forgot at food shopping yesterday as well as pick up J from a sleepover at his aunt's. The single and only good thing about going out on a day like this is that if I run my car today it'll be easier to run it to work tomorrow. So far this winter I haven't had to plug my car in and it's been starting ok even though the temperatures have been hovering around -30C all last week. But when I saw that it was supposed to go down to -39C overnight I plugged it in. Can you believe it's supposed to warm up to -2C by Friday?

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Chantelle said...

Brrrrrr! how can it look sooo pretty out and be sooo cold at the same time?