26 December 2009


I got a Bosu ball for Christmas! It's exactly what I wanted and apparently was difficult to find. I saw one on The Biggest Loser and thought it would be a really good way to regain my balance skills. Somehow I've lost my ability to balance in the last few years, especially since I don't practice yoga every day any more. From what I've heard, balance goes as you age...but I can't be getting old because I still feel 21. Never mind that the print on medicine bottles is getting smaller each year, or that the sleep marks on my face don't disappear during the day any more and may be more accurately described as 'wrinkles'. And I'm sure those aren't white hairs on my head, they're natural highlights.

The rest of the day was very relaxed. No big dinner for me to make, no errands to run, people to visit, or people stopping by. I'm fairly certain that if I relax any further I will become gelatinous.

Now that Christmas is over for my family, it's time to focus more on extended family. My mom, sister & family, and aunt are coming over next week for dinner and gifts so I should probably get to wrapping. And finishing gifts. My mom started making calendars for the family several years ago with important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths in addition to the usual special days. I did the calendars last year and have started on them this year. Ok, I have three of five done. I am doing something special with each family's calendar and I'm stuck on one of them. The idea I have for it just isn't turning out the way I want, so I've enlisted help from J for artistry but he hasn't started yet. I may need to light a fire under him pretty soon. Other than that, the gifts are sitting in a neat little pile by my computer to remind me to get busy.

S's family is possibly coming through the city for a visit and we are waffling between having them over for dinner or going to our favorite buffet restaurant. S's brother is not a good person and having him in the house causes S stress so the restaurant is looking like a good idea. But we don't even know for sure if they're coming by or not. His mom is really quite loose with plans. Even if they do swing by, it won't be until after my family get together.

So yeah, I should get busy on the calendars or wrapping. Maybe one quick game of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook first...


Chantelle said...

I'm a Facebook Bouncing Balls girl, myself :) Although as long as you're relaxed, I guess it doesn't matter which game you play.

I hope you're able to sort out a plan with S's family so that everyone has a good time.


Carol said...

DH's brother gave one of those to DD (because he didn't want it any more) and we weren't quite sure what to do with it....balance, huh? I'll have to delve into that.