12 February 2010

More Tidbits

One of my Aunts reminded me that we have celiac disease in our family - that's where you can't have any gluten. J isn't bothered by food at all but T has been complaining of feeling ill for a long time. I told him about celiac disease and which foods to avoid, now he's learning about how prevalent flour is in our culture :) At first he put up a fight about it after discovering how hard it is to adhere it, so I pointed out that it's his body, he's the only owner and he needs to learn to listen to it. He can decide if the pain is worth eating a slice of bread or breaded chicken. If it turns out that he has celiac disease, that is. I do help by making dinners that don't have obvious gluten like flour or pasta. And I told him that he can look it up on the Internet himself to see where gluten might be hiding in foods. Really, he's fifteen, he can research stuff himself now.

I think about chocolate every day. Rich, silky, milky, warm, chocolate. The only reason I haven't eaten any at all is because I don't like the taste of today's chocolate. Has anyone else noticed the difference over the years? It used to be that what I called Cheap Chocolate was only found at Easter and Christmas. This was chocolate that didn't quite taste as rich, that felt a bit waxy in the mouth, it wasn't as sweet, and it melted slower in the mouth. Well, this is becoming the everyday chocolate now. The last bunch of chocolate bars that I ate didn't have that full bodied richness that I grew up with. So every time I crave chocolate, I just remind myself that the only available stuff is that yucky cheap chocolate. Ok, I could go to Benard Callebeaut Chocolatier and get some really good stuff...but that would mean I'd break my word to myself about not having any. So I'd rather just think it's unavailable, thank you.

This is the best winter that I can remember, weather-wise. It hasn't been cold at all except for that horrible -39 C we had for a bit. Lately it's been above -10 C and even above 0 C once or twice. I went to Safeway yesterday to buy cookies made with the sweat of Satan to induce addiction, and parked in a car sized puddle. I loved getting my boot all wet! It's colder today, but I'm holding out hope here that it will not get cold again. Please Mother Nature? Please could we have a winter of warm? Just one, please?

I did find somewhere for J to start his community service. It's a nearby ski hill and he'll be doing all the crappy jobs nobody wants to do like coloring in the sizes on the boots with a marker, cleaning floor grates, mopping up, that sort of thing. He starts in about a week. I hope he likes it and finds some people that have a good influence over him. This is the one that also might hire him on if they have the space and he does well. I'd like him to have a job so he can learn some responsibility but I am a bit afraid of how he'd spend the money he would earn. So it's kind of a mixed blessing if he does well.

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