27 February 2010

Ouch Update

Well now I did end up going to the Medicentre and even got kinda scoffed at. The doctor was short tempered and irritable, bordering on rude, and told me that it's my stomach that's causing problems. He dashed off a prescription for some kind of antacid and sent me on my way. Ok then. I happen to know my stomach is lower on my rib cage than where the pain was coming from but decided not to argue. The pain was mostly gone by then and completely gone by the next day, so if it comes back I'll see about it while it's still around.

As for my feet...that turned out to be nothing. I didn't take any pain relievers at all during the week and found my feet didn't hurt like they used to. After I started taking the Aleve daily we changed brands of shoes at work so I got myself a new pair and have been wearing them since. So I think it was caused by the shoe style more than anything else. I did have a different pain in my left heel that came and went though. It sorta felt like someone was hammering a spike right into the heel bone from the bottom. Super painful but very short lived. And only for the first day or two, nothing since Tuesday. So I think I'll just leave things as they are for now and not bother going to the doctor.

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Chantelle said...

I'm relieved to read that you're feeling better. I wish doctors wouldn't just dismiss patients like that because it's frustrating for the patient. I guess some doctors aren't open to patients understanding their own medical conditions, you know?

Love you lots,