01 February 2010


My sister recommended almond milk on her blog so I bought some for S. He has troubles with cow's milk but enjoyed goat's milk and thought soy milk was just ok. I tested it on my skin before drinking it to see if I'd get a rash and I didn't. I don't think I'm allergic to almonds but we use this stuff at work called Bitter Almond Extract and it leaves welts on my skin if I don't rinse it off right away. The milk tasted good, sort of like thin watery almonds, and I wondered if it would make good rice. It did :) I used the same amount of milk that I would have for water, added a healthy pinch of sugar, and a small pinch of salt and pepper and put it all in the rice cooker. It made mildly sweet, nutty rice. Tasty.

J has some community service to complete from his shoplifting charge back in December and is having some difficulties. First he lost his wallet with the timesheet in it so I had to call the probation officer and get a new one. Then all the numbers she gave him to call didn't quite work out. J said he called them but they would put him on hold and then disconnect or say they didn't do community service any more. Except the Boys and Girls Club, they said anytime between 330pm and 730pm. So we went today and got this:
Me: Hi, I'm here to drop off my son for community service work.
Receptionist: Do we do that? (to me)
Me: Um, yes, Ms T gave us your number, is the Volunteer Coordinator here?
Recep: Yes, there she is, hey do we do community service? (to VCO)
VCO: Are you here to volunteer? (to me)
Me: No, we're here so my son can do some community service.
VCO: Oh, I don't think we do that anymore.
Me: Well, you are the Volunteer Coordinator, right? So you would know, right?
VCO: Yes, did you want to volunteer?
Me: No, my son needs to complete his community service.
VCO: Does he want to volunteer?
Me: Only if it counts towards his hours for community service, would it?
VCO: No, I don't think we do that here.
Me: Well, thanks anyway.
J after we left the building: What. the hell?? The search for community service hours continues...

And in other news...Lost is back tomorrow! I love the show and cannot fathom why this would be the last season. For you fans out there I found this video on Jorge Garcia's (Hurley's) blog:


Chantelle said...

I think bitter almonds contain cyanide so that might be why you get a rash from them.

It's soooo frustrating when stuff turns into a clustermug (as a sleazy character from Stephen King's newest book "Under the Dome" calls it). Why can't they get their act together for this community service?? Unbelievable.

Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

I must be out of the loop - I didn't realize J had been arrested for shoplifting.

It really has been a year for you hasn't it?
Love, Mom

學生 said...

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