20 March 2010

First day of spring

Today is the first day of spring and for the first time that I can recall there is almost no snow left. It's been the driest and warmest winter on record with temperatures hovering between -8C and +5C most of the time. We had that really horrible cold snap back around Christmas/New Year's, but other than that it's been wonderfully warm with very little snowfall.

Usually I'm getting antsy in March waiting for the snow to melt and dreading that final snowstorm that drops a thick blanket of snow on the emerging grass. This year there is more grass than snow showing already. I am very much enjoying the warm weather and am hoping it continues. The one thing I dislike about living so far north is that winter is usually about six months long and good summer weather is only about a month or six weeks.

This year I'm hoping for a 'normal' spring of rain and warmth followed by summer. My little corner of the world needs a long, dumping, pounding rain to get rid of the layer of brown grunge. Are you listening, Mother Nature? Let me repeat: no more snow and cold, make it rain so we can have summer flowers, please. I'm lovin' this global warming thing :)

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