16 March 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

Woohoo a time machine in a hot tub! This movie is about as intellectual as you might think :) I'd seen the ads for it and it looked funny, but looks can be deceiving. I have seen many comedies where the funny parts are all in the trailer and nowhere else. Luckily, this one kept me laughing right to the end. I would absolutely recommend this movie if you can see it for free sometime. The humor reminded me a bit of The Hangover, but funnier. Maybe it helped that the 80's were my time, maybe it wouldn't have been as funny if it was the 70's, I don't know. It was fun watching to see if they got the styles right (mostly they did) and the hair (again, mostly right). More shoulder pads were needed and at least one girl with 'wave' bangs. Do you remember wave bangs? Where the bangs were sprayed straight up with a little curve at the top? Good lord, I remember that being ridiculous even then :)

Did I pay to see this movie? Hell no. A girl at work won free tickets and was giving them away so I took them home. I think S and I might have been the oldest couple there. The theater was packed but it seemed like everyone was born after 1985. Possibly 1980, but that's pushing it. While I was in line for my reasonably last minute decision of candy (usually I stuff my pockets before getting to the theater) I took a look around me at the crowd. They looked so young and all dressed the same way. Almost every one of them was wearing a hoodie, all of them had either black or white shirts with black or white writing on them. Black jeans, black pants, or black shorts, no skirts, and for a splash of colour, the odd grey item of clothing. I stood out by being old enough to be their mom, I had a purple coat, blue jeans, and a bright blue shirt tie dye pattern shirt. I definitely could not blend in with these young'uns.

In addition to the dressed-downness of the kiddies, the theater itself was also dingy. The screening for the movie was at a downtown theater in a mall. The last time I'd been to that theater I saw Home Alone with Ex. Yes, it was that long ago. I remember that we were bored and saw that we could make the showtime so we bought tickets. We didn't know what the movie was about in advance, and didn't know it was opening weekend. I don't think I've seen a movie on opening weekend since that one.

Anyway, the theater at the time was brightly lit with harsh brass accents in the foyer and mall area. The mall also had fake marble tiles and mirrors and glass everywhere. It was very 80's. That mall is connected to another mall via pedway and the other mall was always reserved for the wealthy. Well, that's what I thought anyway. I never felt like I fit in there with its high end stores and posh women. I walked around both malls for a tiny bit before meeting S and found they were...scummy. Somehow they lost their wealthy look and clientele and now cater to teenagers. It's darker in both malls, all the brass is gone as are most of the mirrors. The floors seemed dirty, the lighting dingy instead of dim (and even burnt out bulbs in some fixtures), the stores had no shoppers, the elevators weren't working, the wood accents weren't polished. The theater foyer itself was carpeted in dirty, dingy, darkish blue which made it look very grimy. I went to the washroom and instead of the usual odors I was greeted with the dry scent of old marijuana being fired up.

It's almost like the people that run the mall forgot to keep it in good repair. Maybe the mall appeared that way because I arrived after 5pm when the work crowd was gone and teens took over, maybe it's because the mall can't compete with other fancier malls in the city. Either way, I don't have any desire to shop there again, even if there is a Winners there. If it hadn't been for free tickets to the show, I'd've left the area I think.

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Chantelle said...

Ian and I like the sound of the movie because the title tells you exactly what the movie is going to be about :)

That mall is getting tired... it's a sign of the recession, I think. Nothing is as well-kept as it used to be and they're doing cost-cutting.

Love you,