05 April 2010

Easter and food

Another Easter has come and gone. Usually the weather is rainy, cold, or snowy but this year it was fabulous! I love it :)

We didn't have any visits from the bunny this year. My boys are 15 and 13 so they have outgrown it. They used to get a little gift as well as some eggs but they didn't even get that this year. For the last month or so I've been hiding eggs in their rooms as a treat but no major egg hunt or anything. And I didn't really hide the eggs as much as just placed them in not-too-obvious spots.

My mom used to write poems from the bunny and we'd have to decipher them to get to the next one. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to it. I tried it with my boys but I'm not very good at poetry so it didn't work well. I did attach groups of eggs/gifts to string and trailed it all over the house for them one year. That was neat, but a lot of work.

I know some people have huge dinners for Easter but we didn't do that either. Instead I tried a new recipe from Jamie Oliver's site. He is the chef that changed the way England feeds their children in schools and is currently running a show doing the same thing with the USA. He's been on Oprah before as well which is how I heard of him. His recipes are not fussy or complicated and have measurements like "a couple of glugs of oil" or "two large handfuls of breadcrumbs". That's my kind of measuring :)

We tried the Aubergine Parmigiana last night, after I looked up 'aubergine' and found out it's also known as eggplant. I'd heard the word before but thought it was a shade of green, now I know it's deep purple :) The recipe turned out fantastic and was easy to prepare. Next time I'll add a layer of sauteed mushroom just under the breadcrumbs because sauteed mushrooms make everything better. I cut the recipe in half and my dish didn't look like Jamie's, somehow he had more sauce than me, but it was still a keeper. Now I want to make his carrots with orange or lemon linguine, but not tonight. I'm too damn tired to do something new.

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