24 April 2010

Ow Ow Ow

I twisted my finger at work yesterday and man alive does it hurt. It hurts so much that I think my hand should be swollen three times it's size and have a spectacular display of purple and black bruising. But nay nay, there is not a hint of swelling or discoloration even though the knuckle feels like it's been smashed with a hammer.

My own dumbfuckery is what caused my injury. I was reaching for a grey pail from a stack in the new supply shed at work. These pails are the Rubbermaid Brute 55 gallon (that's 208 liters for us Canadians) pails that we mainly use to store icing in. We put 55 kg of icing in each pail. Yes, that's a lot of icing when you consider we use five pails per recipe of icing and make as much as five recipes at a time.

Every day at the end of my shift I get one of these pails for the next day's scaling. I put all my dirty lids, little pails, and utensils in it and take the whole thing to wash bay at the end of the day instead of making a bunch of small trips throughout the day. So yesterday I was in the new shed and saw all the pails were nested together in bunches of 4-10 pails turned upside down on racks. Each pail is a little under three feet tall so a stack of five was under four feet tall. I chose the smallest stack of four from the shortest rack I could find, which was still reaching over my head while standing on my tiptoes.

Should I have stopped there and gotten someone tall to help me? Yep, that would have been wise. But no, instead I stretched as far as I could on my tiptoes, hooked my fingers of my right hand into the handle of the bottom pail and pulled the stack gently, intending to control the fall of the pails. Instead, the stack took on a life of its own and twisted during the fall. My fingers got twisted and forced backwards as they were caught in the handle. I let go of the pails as soon as possible and waited for the blinding pain to recede and for the world to come back into focus. I checked right away to see if my middle finger had dislocated itself from my hand (nope) or for the bone to be broken (nope). Excellent. I was still in one piece but completely unable to use the middle finger of my right hand.

I did manage to get the rest of my cleanup done at work and went home. No, I didn't bother reporting the injury as the Worker's Compensation Board doesn't cover idiocy as a reason for the accident, and besides, there were no witnesses. Maybe I'll report it on Monday if the pain is still bad.

Now normally I heal from stuff fairly quickly and like I said, there is no swelling or discoloration. But my goodness does my knuckle that connects my middle finger to my hand hurt a lot. Last night while watching TV I adjusted myself on the couch by pressing my right hand down into the cushion and experienced an new and interesting pain. Instead of just the knuckle reminding my of my stupidity, I now had pain shooting down through my wrist and almost to my elbow. Luckily, that faded away and the pain stayed in my hand after that. I thought a good night's sleep might help, but lordy it still hurts today. Typing isn't too bad because the finger stays bent, but when I straighten it out or curl my fingers into a fist my knuckle objects sharply.

Have I taken pain medication? No. Why? Because pain is a good indicator of how badly I'm hurt. If I mask the pain then I'll aggravate the injury, I know myself well enough to know that. Also, this way I can see if I'm getting better or worse. If it gets worse, I'll go to the doctor. If it gets better, I won't bother going. Until then I'll just whine and complain some more.

Did I mention that my knuckle hurts? Ow. ...whinewhinewhine...


Chantelle said...

Have you thought about going to a doctor? It's possible that there's a hairline fracture there that's causing the pain.

Or the tendons might have been pulled and that's what hurts. It might help to splint the finger - and then take pain medication, because if your fing is splinted then it can't fing around and you won't be able to hurt it again.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Chantelle. You'll be amazed at how much relief a finger splint can be.

I ask you, if it was T's finger that hurt so much, would you take him to the medicentre?

Love, Mom

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

yep... ditto the above comments... and you should know, WCB *does* cover stupidity, and witnesses are not really necessary.

very very important to report injuries to a supervisor right away, even if no WCB is claimed, because if it became aggravated or otherwise worsened, you would have no recourse for a future claim at all. your workplace needs this info for their own files as well.

but i see on the next post that it got better quickly, so i am glad it wasn't too bad in the end!