02 April 2010

Yard work

Spring arrived early this year which means an early start on the yard work. This year I don't have much cleaning up to do because the boys didn't play in the snow in the yard for the first time ever. There's a bit of garbage in the back yard but not much compared to previous years.

All the snow is gone from the front and side of the house so I got those areas raked up. It took three and a half hours and it was exhausting. I'm tired and sore but it looks good so far. There's even green grass showing around the edges of the lawn :) I'll have to wait to do the back yard and driveway as there's still a bit of snow in the yard and the cars are in the way in the driveway. Maybe after work this week would be good. The ground is still a tiny bit frozen near the house in the back because it doesn't get much sun there yet. Raking it would just be a useless task until it thaws a bit.

I also want to do the curb gutters again this year. I did them last year so no weeds grew along the curb and I admit it looked better. It's hard work though, taking the ice chipper and wedging it between the curb and the dirt/muck pile to pull it away. But I do live on the corner and there is a storm drain there so it's good to have it cleared and cleaned up. For some reason the street doesn't go right to my curb, instead there's about a half inch of dirt showing. That's enough to grow copious weeds and mucho thistle.

One thing I noticed yesterday was a signpost right on our property line with the neighbors. At first I thought it was a marker for a fence in the front yard but it's on the boulevard and not private property. When I looked closer, it looks exactly like a post for a stop sign or something. But there's a yield sign only fifty or sixty feet from the post so I can't imagine what it could be for. When I was raking I saw that the City (presumably) had spray painted '40' right where the post is located. I'll be 40 on my birthday this year...is it a birthday sign? Kidding...but it's killing me not knowing what kind of sign is going to be there. And I can't call the City to ask because they will be closed until Tuesday what with it being Easter weekend and all. So I'll just wait it out and wonder what on earth a solitary sign could be placed there for. Patience is not my best suit...so where can I get some of that...like right now...

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