06 May 2010

And I thought we were done with winter

Remember when I said all the snow was gone? Well, it's back. We had a major dumpage of heavy, wet, heart-attack snow on my younger sister's birthday last Tuesday. I call it heart-attack snow because that's what my dad was shoveling in March '82 which brought on his first heart attack. That kind of snow is wickedly heavy and dense compared to our usual assortment of dry snowfalls. Anyway, it's melting much too slowly for my liking. My sister loved it - she likes crazy and extreme weather - so cool birthday gift for her from Mother Nature :)

And I found out what the sign post was on my boulevard - it's a speed limit sign. Apparently, the limit is 40 km/hr. I don't know if it was the city who decided to advertise the speed limit or if it was a request from the neighborhood. There is also a new blue sign welcoming people to the area and reminding them of the speed limit. I noticed the same setup in the neighborhood that J's school is in, so maybe the city has some extra money to allocate to signage. I haven't noticed any difference in driver's speeds since the signs went up.

About six or seven years ago the city put yield signs up all over the neighborhood. All the streets are uncontrolled four-way stops in the area, as most residential streets are, and people would just barrel through them with abandon. I wasn't pleased about having to cut my lawn around the yield sign and found it to be a bit of an eyesore. The dogs in the area seem to like to mark it regularly, which sometimes leads to mounds of poo being left on my lawn as well. The yield signs seemed to make no difference at all in people's speed at my particular corner. I've noticed drivers slowing down at the other corners down the block, but not mine.

I know the city is just trying to keep us safe and all that, but I do kinda find the signs to be annoying. They mar my view a bit and clutter up my greenery. I've discovered that I'm becoming The Old Woman That Shakes Her Fist At Change In The Neighborhood. Unlike my older sister who is becoming The Old Woman That Writes Nasty Letters Of Complaint. I wonder what kind of Old Woman my younger sister will be :)


Chantelle said...

This Old Woman That Writes Nasty Letters Of Complaint is also known as The Old Woman Who Calls Police About Noisy Neighbours. The skill sets are similar but not exactly the same.

I'd like to thank you for sending your snow here because it snowed yesterday. Not heavy, wet snow; more like a little dusting of snow that melted. But it still snowed, which was weird :)

Love you,

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

i am *already* The Old Woman Who Has Various Treasures Scattered About The Yard (at the moment, the 'treasures' are limited to a moose skull).