23 May 2010


It has been raining a lot here in the last few days, which is excellent since I finished getting my garden ready last week.

I put my sweet peas in again along my back fence but was much less careful about the placement of the seeds. In the last two years I made sure I put each seed down individually and about the same distance apart. This year I've noticed the ground seems so much farther away than it did before - probably a loss of flexibility on my part - so I sort of sprinkled the seeds in a rough line. There will be some places where several plants will crowd each other and a few bald spots as well.
Maybe it won't look too bad once the plants come in full force.

While I was at the garden center looking for sweet pea seeds I bought some Alyssum as well to plant in the back yard. There are two sidewalk tiles missing near our shed so I planted the Alyssum there. Already the purple ones have pretty much died while the white ones are thriving. I also sprinkled some poppy seeds in the same area. My sister had blue poppies once and every time I think of it I look for a packet of them. Until this year I haven't found any. There was one single packet of them so I scooped them up along with some other poppy seeds. If I remember correctly, the soil needs to be fairly acidic to produce blue poppies. I guess I'll find out soon enough whether or not my soil is good for them.

My ornamental onions have returned to the front garden. For some reason I was hoping that they would magically develop into the hyacinths that I thought I bought. But no, they are very much Not Hyacinths. I will be removing those bulbs this year, I think. I was going to buy hyacinths from a greenhouse last fall but forgot to save enough money to do it. So this year I'll write myself a little note to save the money and call greenhouses in September.

I also evicted the tulips from the front garden. The rose bush in that garden is getting very big and was flopping over the tulips so I moved them to a small dirt patch near the back door. The leaves immediately wilted from the transplant and the three that had bloomed are now sagging. From what I remember, tulips are pretty hardy and easy to handle so even though I probably did the transplant at the wrong time of the year, they should come back next year. Maybe. If they don't then that's ok too. I don't love them.

And thank you Vicki for researching my 'wood bugs' :) The European Sow Bugs are very close - possibly exact. The ant poison will prevent them from coming in the house this year, but I'll see if I can get a picture of some from outside as soon as it's dry enough. That way I can see if they are the same bugs or not.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

lol funny i could maybe pinpoint the bug from your description of where they are found and your nickname for them (wood bugs). not sure why - maybe we share a brain!!!!

wicked idea with the blue poppies! i love regular poppies too. the blue ones need regular watering - i was never successful with them because i couldn't remember to water them often enough. i hope yours work out!

invite me over once everything gets growing, 'kay?


Chantelle said...

Your yard is going to be gorgeous! I wish I could be there when it's growing but we can't really plan anything until after we find a house, you know? Sigh.

So take lots of pictures, 'k?

Love you,