27 May 2010

T is made of rubber

I think T's bones are made of rubber. He has been in several biking wipeouts, had an accident with an ATV last summer, and yesterday was hit by a car while crossing the street. Luckily the car was going slow doing a right turn so T wasn't seriously injured. Just one scrape on his knee and possibly some bruising.

What was really awful was that the car that hit him didn't stop, she just kept going. T said she saw him get hit because she looked over and put her hand over her mouth - like 'uh-oh' - and drove away. We couldn't go to the police station yesterday to report it (they close at 8pm) so we went after school today. The officer took his statement, the three independent witness names and phone numbers, and the vehicle license plate and description. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the three people volunteered their numbers and two of them wrote the license plate down. It's nice to see that some people are helpful :)

We asked what would happen now and the officer said he'll talk to her on the phone first and issue at least three tickets. One for leaving the scene of an accident, one for not stopping and helping, and one for not giving her insurance information. Silly me, I thought there should be a ticket for hitting a human with a car, but there isn't. If the lady is rude or nasty on the phone, the officer said he'll send her a flurry of tickets in the mail and have her report to the courts instead of just paying fines. Actually, two of the above tickets come with a court date. The judge issues a fine at that time. If she's good on the phone than he'll keep it to the three tickets. It pays to be kind to the police :)

It's possible that T will have to report to court as well - in six months to a year. If the lady pleads not guilty than T may have to give a witness statement with the other three witnesses.

Until then there isn't much we can do. T isn't in any pain except for some minor aches. He is walking fine and rode his bike home right after the accident. His bike is also fine, it doesn't appear bent or anything, but I may have him take it to the store he bought it from and get it looked at anyway.

People at work have been saying that I should get some money from the driver for T's emotional state, bike, or injury. Ok...but he doesn't have any injuries, his bike is fine, and maybe he could use some for emotional trauma. Even T asked if there was a way to get money from this. But I really don't want my boys to learn that accidents are a way of making money. And, I'm really snarky to people that abuse the insurance system. If you need the money for rehab or replacement cost, fine. But not for a windfall.


sexy gangsta said...

I think you should get the money as punitive damages... I mean she HIT him with her car and didn't stop!!! she didn't wait to see if he was okay! what if he WAS hurt... she didn't know that he was okay! its just the principle that she didn't even show any remorse! that's falls in line with the woman that hit the homeless guy and parked her car in the garage while he lay dying in her windshield! I mean Cmon'! Just my opinion..

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

omg that is scary!!! so so so glad to read he is okay.

i witnessed an accident with an injury and had to go to court twice (driver was a no-show). driver was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian... wonder why this driver was not charged with that?

i agree with your perspective regarding damages and insurance, bean. maybe it was the way we were raised? i dunno - the money has to come from somewhere. that woman may never have the money to pay for damages, so the insurance company may pay for it, which means we ALL pay for it in the end. just my opinion.


Chantelle said...

It is very scary that he was hit!

I think the punitive damages are more a US thing than a Canadian thing. The laws are a bit different in each country. I'm also fine with this (and the idea that the system shouldn't be used this way) because the money has to come from somewhere and it's much too easy to abuse this.