23 May 2010


I have mentioned before how much I love my TV. There are shows that I will faithfully record and go into unsightly withdrawl if something fails with that recording or if a show ends. And here, tonight, is the final episode of one of my all time favorites: Lost.

This show has such exquisite character development and brilliant writing that I have often said I will watch anything that this team of writers puts out there. And seriously, Michael Emerson (who plays the character Ben Linus) has range in his acting that is truly a gift to watch. He can go from creepy psychotic man to broken boy in a man's body with the flick of an eye and slump of a shoulder. Fantastic.

Lost isn't just a show about a freaky island. It's a visual example of how people change (or not) based on what they have to deal with, who they come in contact with, and how their decisions affect others. Any show that details the evolution of characters catches my interest and Lost was one of the best for this. I will miss it for mainly that reason.

TV. My drug of choice.

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