22 June 2010

New bugs

Every year there's a new crop of insects invading my yard. Some stay for a few years and others leave after only one year. So far I've found two new bugs, both on one rose bush in the back yard.

This one on the left looks like some kind of beetle or something. Attached to its head is a long, curved, black, uh, stinger/feeler/antenna. It looked like it was sucking something out of the rose bud with this stinger.

The next bug is also red and actually looks like it's in the same family as the rose bud beetle. This one on the left I thought was a ladybug until it moved. It's about the same size as a ladybug but longer and no dots on the back. Instead it just has the one black marking. I couldn't get a picture of the underside (it caught on to me moving the flower around so it'd walk away, then it flew away) but it's black with thin yellow stripes. Or possibly white stripes.

And...my Morden Sunrise has new growth! Three little leaf buds on three different stems :) No hope of it blooming this year, but it'll be pretty next year.

And a side note: never buy batteries from the discount store Giant Tiger. I got four pictures with new batteries before the camera informed me 'batteries exhausted'.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

#1 is a rose weevil. you can tell by the protruding proboscis.


#2 is a scarlet malachite beetle. that one was harder to identify!


noce pictures, by the way!


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

that should be:

*nice pictures!