26 June 2010


  • Thanks Vicki for identifying my bugs! I don't like the sound of 'weevils' and don't imagine they have much good to do with my roses, but I'll leave them alone for now.

  • The liquid ant killer in the wax paper cones is working exceptionally well. The second application has just about obliterated the colonies. Except now I've found carpenter ants in my railroad ties that line my driveway. The carpenter ants were moving in yesterday which was kinda neat. Fascinating to watch them have ants to make sure the path was free of danger before the egg carriers emerged. As much as I would just leave them alone because they aren't really destroying anything but the ties, I don't want them moving into our house. Carpenter ants like soft wood - which tells me the ties are rotting - and I know the foundation to my house is compromised. So the ants can do significant damage to the house if they want. Now, it's killing time. I put three cones out in between the ties that I saw the ants moving into, each cone has a different brand of ant killer in it. It will be hard to see the results as the ants generally stay in the wood, but I'll keep an eye on it anyway.

  • I shampooed my carpets yesterday. Well, just the living room, hallway and J's room. I was prepared to do T's room as well but he didn't want to move the stuff off the floor for me. Both boys eat and drink in their rooms and therefore spill and grind food into the carpets. Yes, it was icky. I had to change the water reservoir three times in J's room alone. I also found out if I went at a speed of what seemed like an inch a minute the shampooer works really well. I expect the carpets to remain their uniform beige for about a day after J gets home.

  • T built a computer bot that goes through Facebook looking for specific words and then it automatically joins groups with those words. I can't really explain it as I don't really understand it, but it's cool :) Apparently it confuses his friends because it looks like T is online with Facebook but he doesn't respond to chat. The bot ignores chat. He is always asking me what kind of program he can write for computers, or what kind of website he should build. But I have no idea. Any of you have ideas for T? Feel free to comment and I'll pass it along to him.

  • J had the bit of enlightenment to tell me that it would have been better if he'd not been expelled from School and not been transferred to Other School. Other School has been a horrible experience all around for him and he thought it would have been better if he'd just dealt with Principal from School as Principal & AP from Other School are far worse. I agreed, and said maybe New School next year will be a better experience for him. He even said that for the first time in his life he'll give respect first and see if they respect him back instead of waiting for them to give respect to him first. Now, let's hope he remembers that in two months :)

  • S switched jobs recently. All my complaining about Owner and her micromanagement skills run a parallel to S's old boss. S's boss was even treating S like he wanted S to quit, similar to Owner treating Cook badly in hopes Cook would quit. Which, btw, she did. So now S works at a laptop clearance store as a salesman, but not for long. He lined up a customer service job for a company that produces chemicals for cleaning. Like, industrial cleaning and hospital cleaning and, uh, difficult stain cleaning. First he has to go through a drug test (done, waiting for results which will be clean) and a police security clearance (in progress, also no worries there). Once those two things are done he can arrange his start date. He was told the reason for the testing was that many drugs can be made from industrial cleaning ingredients so they need to not hire people that will take advantage of that.

  • I'm back to eating chocolate again. Just love it too much I guess :) The chocolate has changed in the last few decades, making it much more waxy and tasteless. But I found a chocolate from my youth. A chocolate that melts in my mouth like warm silk. A chocolate that has the richness of flavor I've come to expect. This chocolate is Godiva Milk. It's sad that a specialty chocolate is what used to be commonplace chocolate. I also tried Lindt Milk thinking it would be similar, but it's not, Godiva rules. Godiva also has a cleaner ingredient list from what I remember as I scanned past the calorie content and nutritional information on the back.

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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

(you're welcome. thank YOU for indulging my need to identify everything unnamed).

funny but i don't even have a firm grasp of how t's programs work (hmmm FIRM grasp? i actually don't even have a WIMPY grasp), so i have no ideas. wish i did.

sounds like j has a good handle on how to get by successfully next year - glad to read that!

i will never never never be able to give up some form of candy. i've always eaten some kind of candy, for as long as i can remember!