16 July 2010

Time Travel

S and I have been watching Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, a fascinating show with topics like a Creator, big bang theory, black holes and time travel. The show has several points of view on each topic which keeps things interesting and my brain feels very full after each episode.

When time travel was discussed it occurred to me that I don't believe time travel could ever be possible. Why? Well, let me explain, but remember, I have zero background in quantum mechanics or physics.

Time is something we've defined probably by watching the cycles of the sun and moon and then dividing up that cycle into identifiable units. Days, hours, minutes and seconds. At some point someone noticed that everything evolves or changes over time. Babies grow into adults, acorns into trees, river beds are cut with water, rusting of metals, stuff like that. But nothing goes in reverse. Ever. A tree that is planted will only get older, bigger and leafier. A baby will only grow into a toddler, preschooler, child, teen and adult. A tree will not go backwards to it's sapling days nor will an adult revert back to his/her childhood days. Both these examples create offspring, but neither goes in reverse. If they did, someone would be seriously wealthy by patenting the Youth Serum. Our timeline runs exclusively forward.

Now, let's consider that for a moment. If nothing ever goes into reverse, how could we go back in time? We can't un-grow trees or un-born people, we can't rewind the Earth to bring us back to any specific moment. What if we step out of our dimension and into the past? Well, where is the information for the creation of the past kept? If the past exists in another dimension, who or what is storing all the data to accurately represent that moment ten minutes ago when T came out of his room for juice? How is all this data recorded and stored? Why would all this data even be stored?

What I can see is that somehow people are able to step out of their own dimensions and into a parallel universe that is perhaps at a different point in our timeline. But that wouldn't be going back in our own time, it would be visiting another world. My brain simply cannot bend to accept that somehow I'd be able to go back in time to my Junior High years and either view this time accurately or be myself as a teenager. I mean, would I have to absorb my boys as they reverted back to their fetus time and keep pedaling back until I'm 13? Or would I have to enter a holodeck to view a representation of my 13th year? Or digitize myself and transport myself to where the information is kept? But then I'm back to...where is all this information kept to be drawn upon later in time travel? What kind of massive database would it be to keep track of every atom, of every single bit of matter and of the chronological order it goes in when reassembled? And...why would that exist? What use could it possibly serve?

My brain is full just thinking about it...and strained from trying to get around my rigid mindset :)

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