22 July 2010

We have new bikes

S and I bought bikes! Not the motor kind, the pedal kind. I haven't owned a bike in years. Like over twenty years. Egad. Actually, I did buy a bike from a friend's daughter a few years ago but the size felt wrong and I felt wrong while on it, so I didn't keep it.

I had actually been wanting a bike for some time now but it seemed like too much hassle to find one that fits me properly. Then I passed a garage sale where the owner was selling a limited edition Schwinn bike made specially for Tim Horton's anniversary. She only wanted $175 for it but I didn't have cash with me. I'd saved enough of my allowance (yes, S and I give ourselves allowances, that way neither of us will spe
nd all the money in the joint account) but I don't keep cash on hand at all now. So the next day I went back and figured if it was still there I was meant to have it and I'd ask to put it on hold for an hour while I went to the bank. But it had been sold by then :( So, off to WalMart we went.

I only glanced at the adult cycles, they are really just too large for me, and looked at the youth section. Surprisingly, they had one that fit well :) I originally wanted what was called a 'cruiser' bike which is a lot like the Schwinn b
ikes of old but they only have one gear. I do remember liking being able to change gears when I wanted to way back when. So the bike I did buy has 12 gears with what I would call mountain bike handlebars. Those ones are easier to hold onto while cruising around than the old fashioned ten speed 'ram style' handlebars. I didn't get to pick the color though, neither did S. This is my bike:S's looks just like it except it's red, men's style and one size larger.

Funny thing is I remember my parents riding their bikes after supper on summer evenings when I was a teen. Now here I am with a bike and I have teens. My dad had to stop after a while because it bothered his back too much and I do know he missed it quite a lot. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got on the bike and rode around. There is something fantastic about having the wind whip through your hair on a sunny day on your bike :) Now that I'm older though I did have to make one improvement. That would be the seat. Oh yeah, the seat it came with was like sitting on carved wood. Most uncomfortable for my old self. So S and I bought new seats called 'comfort saddles' which are wider, more padded and have springs for some give. Honestly, when I rode around the first time with S I wondered how I ever walked normally as a child after being on my bike all day. Maybe seats have just gotten more uncomfortable with each year because I really don't remember them being so awful.

I've been taking my bike to the pool and the occasional trip to Safeway and have been reminded that bikes don't just scoot along on their own. Nay nay, you need to propel your bike with your legs. My legs are adjusting very slowly to what feels like sea legs after riding and I learned one very important lesson early one Sunday morning: only ride half as far as I want to go. After all, I need to propel myself back home eventually :) I almost called S that morning to give him directions to come and get me.


Anonymous said...

Am I green??? Yes! I'm so envious of you with your new bikes. Have a wonderful time on it.

Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I love that you're riding a new bike! I also have a youth bike - we're youth-sized :) I hope that you have a great time on your bike, riding around with S.

Love you so much,