20 August 2010

Apparently, low morale is my deal breaker

How do people work at a job they hate, day after day after day? I wonder this as I notice my hatred for my job growing ever so slightly with each morning. I've known people over the years that say the money is good so they won't quit, or that there are no other jobs out there, or maybe they are just able to swallow their soul and attend work like an automaton. Me, I'm having some troubles with it. I've noticed that as the day draws to a close I am in a better mood. And as the weekend gets closer I'm in an even better mood. But simply showing up every day has become a chore and every day I need to remind myself that I haven't officially given notice so I need to stop acting like I have.

We are back down to four days a week, and three days one week because we shut down for the day for inventory. On one hand - yay! - less time at my job. On the other hand...my paycheque sucks. We are still on the EI Work Share Program so I'll get something for the missed days, but not much. The good part of being on four days is that I know I can live on that income. So the wage criteria for my job hunt has a 20% buffer built in. Anything in that 20% will do if it gets me out of working where I am.

And actually my workload on Tuesday is going to be quite heavy. I could go in for four hours on Monday and get stuff done to make my Tuesday easier...but instead I'm going to go job hunting.
Several jobs that I want to apply for are advertised online but candidates are asked to drop off their resumes in person, so I'll get neat and clean looking and drop off my resume. If I can't finish my work on Tuesday then I'll leave it for someone else to finish. I'm done with being the Star Employee and working myself to the bone.

I'm even considering a part time job in addition to my current job. I'm thinking that if I have a part time job then I'll be able to leave early when I can at my full time job (my workload is varied day to day, some days I could leave early but don't because I really do need to pay my bills). Also, I'm thinking that a part time job will provide some perspective on my current job. Right now I have a hard time leaving work for someone, I feel like I need to go at top speed to get everything done or else. But my job is built for almost two people so me not doing all of it isn't really expected. Maybe if I had an additional income I could relax my own standards a bit while still getting things done faster than expected. And really, I could always quit the part time job if it didn't work out or I was too tired.

My mom told me once there are two aspects to a job: the work you are doing and the environment you do it in. S went to an interview recently and was told that if you have two of the following three aspects you will stay at a job: the job itself, the money, and the environment. What I have learned is that a good team lead, supervisor or manager can make or break your job. Morale, it turns out, is very important to me. I am making fairly good money at my job, I really like the work itself, but I have absolutely zero respect for any of my managers or Owner. I have discovered that I am not the kind of person to put a smile on and fake it. My attitude is on a steady decline and the only thing getting me through the day is the idea that when I get home I will keep searching for a new job. Eventually, I'll find something if I keep looking. I hope.


Chantelle said...

"I have discovered that I am not the kind of person to put a smile on and fake it."

You're not alone. I'm exactly the same way - if I don't like my environment, I'm not quiet about it.

I also understand how demoralizing it is to have to work at a place where the environment is awful. Even if you love the work, no amount of money can compensate for being in an environment you hate.

I hope you find a new job where the environment, pay, and work are all awesome.

Love you,

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

for me it is all about the environment, which i did not realize for a very long time. i can do almost any kind of work if the environment is positive (but not syrupy). right now, i have the best boss ever... but my contract expires in october, so who knows if i will still be there?

good luck on the job search. i shall also keep an eye out, of course keeping in mind that i talk to unemployed people all day lol.