05 August 2010

More tidbits

Everybody knows that a baby's first year is full of 'firsts', but did you know they continue on into teenagerhood? With that in mind, I had to book an appointment for T's first cavity. He's 15. Hopefully the experience will be scarring enough that he will brush his teeth more often.

J also had a first with me when he asked me to buy condoms. He's learned that anything put on the food shopping list will be bought, so he added them. When I told some people at work they were shocked that I'd even consider the purchase, but really, condoms are so much cheaper than babies. And if I'd had girls I'd be paying for the Pill anyway.

My sweet peas have bloomed but look stunted this year. They didn't reach the top of the fence and aren't as bushy as I'm used to. Maybe it's because we've had more rainfall this past summer than we've had in the last five or so years.

My bathtub is clogged. Again. A few years after we moved in here the tub clogged and it turned out to be the pipe that carries the waste water is almost level. It should have been graded better
for drainage. Over the years I'd been wondering if I should buy a hair trap to put in the drain to keep the clogs away but I never got around to it. Well, and everyone in the house also had short hair for so long that it wasn't an issue. Now both boys have shoulder length hair and it's getting trapped in the drain pipe. The plumber will be here on Saturday (until then we will use the crappy stall shower in the basement) and I'm sure he'll pull up a hair clog the size of a kitten. Ew.

I'm activ
ely looking for a job now. I keep thinking that things will get better at work, but I'm losing hope. Owner is a micromanager, a bully and she sucks the very soul out of every room she enters. Now I've been slapped in the face with reality: I have only a high school education and not much experience. Finding a job will not be impossible, just difficult. At least I'm still employed so I don't have to panic.

Before I read a comment about how I could go back to school, let me tell you how much I hated school. It was a demoralizing experience and the classes moved far too slowly for me to stay interested. I'm sure that adult education would be different - I could move at my own pace - but I just don't have my heart set on any career that involves me paying money to learn how to do it. Having said that, if my future employer wants to kick in some of the cost to further my career at the company, I'd be all for it :)

S has a new job (did I mention that before?) and he is enjoying it. He's doing what he does best: customer service. The company he's at is sorta hiring for another department and S let them know I was looking. I don't know about working in the same company as S, but we'd be in very different departments so it might be ok. I'd be measuring and mixing the ingredients to make cleaners and cleaning supplies while he'd be taking orders from people to buy the cleaning stuff. At this point I'm thinking anything is better than where I am now.


Chantelle said...

A cavity already? He's growing up, isn't he :)

It sounds like things at work are pretty bad and looking for a job is a good idea. I have to admit that I kind of wish you'd go back to school because it would be easier for you to find a more interesting, better-paying job. However, I do understand that you don't want to go to school and I respect that decision. I won't bug you to change your mind.

I hope that your job hunt goes well and that you find something awesome really soon. I'll be sending you good job hunting vibes.

I love you to pieces,

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...
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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

teeheehee awwww T's first cavity!

that job at S's company sounds like a good opportunity, and strangely similar to your current job. surprisingly, given the field i work in, i have 0 knowledge of current job openings. but when you think about it, i talk to unemployed people all day - not employers!

p.s. it is not necessary to buy condoms in our city. they are free by the handful at the birth control centre and the std clinic, as well as planned parenthood. they are in baskets at the front counter.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad I'm not raising a teenager right now!

Good luck with the job hunting - but don't let it become that soul destroying thing where you never seem qualified for anything. Your job will come :)
Love, Mom