27 September 2010

Lovely fall day

Does one beautiful day make up for a summer full of crappy days? Ok, maybe the whole summer wasn't crappy this year but it sure felt like it. Last fall the leaves barely turned yellow when the snow arrived. There was no time to play in the leaves...until today :) And our weather lately has been chilly, dreary, grey and drippy...until today :) Today the sun is out heating up the leaves and a light wind to keep you cool. Perfect fall weather.

Today I had to go to the mall for errands (bought an LG Gossip handset for J with my Fido dollars - last one in the store, yay! Bought jeans for J and found them on the clearance table in 26 waist and 28 waist - double yay!) and instead of taking the car, I walked. Now, it's not an epic walk like my sister takes in Ontario, it's a mere 15 minutes away. But that's fifteen minutes if you don't stop and shuffle your feet through all the leaves on the ground :) Oh yes, not only did I choose streets that had the most leaves to shuffle, but I also walked on the road near the curb to shuffle and even crossed the street if there was a particularly ginormous leaf pile in need of disturbance :) Yep, very satisfying day so far :)My feet waiting to shuffle the leaves


Chantelle said...

My feet are with yours - in spirit, anyways! I wish I could be walking with you through the leaves.

The leaves have just started to change colour here... they say it'll be one of the best fall colour years in a while. I wish you could see it and shuffle your feet through those leaves :)

Love you,

Tibcat said...

Think of yourself as being ecologically friendly since shuffling through the leaves helps break them up to be absorbed back into the ground.

Or you could just say in some respects, it's better not to grow up :)
Love, Mom