18 September 2010

Summer is over

Summer seems to be over now, no big surprise as it tends to happen every year. For some reason this year I felt like we didn't even get a summer. The weather wasn't stiflingly hot, it rained a lot and it seemed like the sun didn't rise as early and stay up as late.

When I went to work yesterday I noticed
the grass had that suspicious crunch to it and the air had a very distinctive bite of cold. I got to my car and saw that the windshield had a thin layer of frost on it, the first of the season. After work I pulled up into my driveway and saw that the frost killed my sweet peas as well. Instead of having full double petaled flowers ruffling in the breeze the petals all faced the ground and the color was washed out and blotchy. The individual flowers look like little skirts and I had a fleeting thought that the garden faeries at least have something to wear if necessary.

I feel like I barely got to enjoy my sweet peas a
nd now I'll be tearing them down to prepare the ground for winter. Sigh. Winter. Can I have a Summer Do-Over please?


Chantelle said...

The sweet peas so look like fairy skirts! They look pretty in your photo.

The summer seemed so short this year. We're getting some warmer weather but it's coool at night.

I hope you get a break from the cold, too.

Love you,

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

gorgeous photography, as usual!