29 September 2010


Do you know what packs a helluva wallop? Chocolate coated coffee beans!!! Yes! Indeed! They make you hyper!! Ok, maybe not YOU but definitely ME! Someone I work with said "here try one of these" on break at 7am and without thinking I chose the biggest one and popped it into my mouth. I could see it was chocolate, dark bittersweet chocolate, but it wasn't until I bit into it that I tasted coffee. Coffee! I asked her what I ate and she told me they were coated coffee beans. Why WHY WHY would anyone eat more than one of these!? I worked at lightning speed, yessireebob I did. Got tons done and even extra work without feeling tired! Maybe wired but not tired! It took hours for my insides to stop vibrating and at least an hour for the sweats to stop. I feel like I could write an entire novel, run a marathon or dance spasticly to rave music, very LOUD rave music! I should probably put the remaining energy to good use and get my yard work done...or just listen to loud music! Woohooo!!

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