10 October 2010

My new toy

S and I have been doing our best not to spend money frivolously or go into deeper debt. We've really been quite good about it lately especially since I'm still, yes still, on four days a week at work. Scary that this is our busiest season and we don't have much work. Anyway, I've been quite proud of the fact that while things are extremely tight our credit cards haven't been getting much of a workout with shopping. Having said that, yesterday we bought a new washer and dryer.

My current washer has decided that it really only wants to fill and agitate lately. In order to get it to drain I need to put the drain
hose in the sewer hole in the basement floor. Once some of the water is drained out I can force it to spin. Sometimes. The other day I had to try many, many times to get the washer drum to spin the water out of the towels so I could dry them. I thought it might be the weight of the clothes or water causing the problem, but the same thing happened when I washed my undies on the delicate cycle.

Now, I know what you are thinking - get a repair person out and fix the washer. I even made the appointment for later next week to do just that. Then I remembered the last time I had troubles with my washer. I had several repairs d
one before finally deciding to buy a new washer. Like any large appliance or car there is a point where the repairs are no longer worth the money as the machine will keep breaking down once the cascade has begun. So S and I went shopping.

I knew before leaving the house that there was a 75% chance that I'd be buying a new washer/dryer set that very day, the only thing holding me back was cost. When I bought the washer I have now I wanted a front loader but the
y were around $2500 for just a washer at the time. I haven't been keeping up on the prices so I figured if it was a good enough deal then I'd just buy new instead of pay for repairs. The only condition to shopping for them was that we would only go to one store and only pick from the selection at that store.

Why would I do that? Because my brother in law is an appliance salesman at that one store. My parents taught me something very important when my dad worked at Woodward's - as the customer you choose where to put your money. My dad was a
commission salesman as is my brother in law. So it doesn't matter to me if there is a better deal at a different store, by buying from K I'm padding his paycheque not someone else's.

And what an excellent salesman K is! He told me about features on the washers I hadn't even really known about (did you know some of them have heaters to boost the temperature from your hot water tank? I didn't.) I told him what was i
mportant - front loading - and he didn't even try to sell me anything else. What sealed it for me was talking about how the washer handles an unbalanced load. The LG model has sensors to detect vibrations in the drum and it'll slow down the drum to let the load settle and rebalance itself several times.

So I was all set to buy the red model (really sick of white appliances) but K's boss gave us a deal on the model with the steam feature for the same price as the model we were looking at, and it only came in white or graphite. I hadn't really known that steam was a feature and thought it would be way above my price range. There have been times where hanging clothes in a steamy bathroom just didn't work well enough, so having a steam washer and dryer would be helpful and a bit of luxury :) And the red ones had a feature called 'baby items' and for reas
ons I'll get into another day, having the word 'baby' on my washer bothered me a lot. So my new washer and dryer are the ones in the photo below in that color - graphite. While we were in the store I saw the most beautiful blue set but the LG didn't come in blue and by then I was sold on the LG. Oh, and I bought the dryer because what the hell, it's nice to have a set :) K even gave us a bit of a break on the price, which was unexpected :) I didn't want to even ask for a deal because I knew it would lower his commission on the sale. Oh, and my new set doesn't have the drawers on the bottom, they were $200 each, that was just a bit too much.
One other really neat thing is that the model I bought is eligible for a rebate from the province because it's Eco Friendly in that it uses half the water and half the power. So I'm getting $100 back from the province! And, when I went to the website to fill out the form for the rebate, it gave the option to search the municipality as some cities also give rebates. My city is giving me $75! Woohoo!! I should get the rebates in the mail about a week after I forget about it, which is normal with rebates and turn-around time :)

My new washer and dryer should arrive on Wednesday, just in time for laundry to be done :) I can't wait!

ps - I used to watch That 70's Show and on one episode Red got a new job as an appliance salesman. He was having troubles making the sales until his wife pointed out that if a woman is shopping for a blender she already knows what features there are, she just has to decide on the color. I find it hilarious that that assessment is generally true for me! I know what to expect in a washer and even though new features are cool, the main question for me is what color do I want? lol


Chantelle said...

I think you bought the LG washer we were thinking of buying! If it's the one I'm thinking of, one thing that I really liked about it is that the opening on the washer is angled, not straight on, so that unloading clothes into the dryer is easier.

We ended up going with a Samsung because we liked the demo that the guy gave us when it has an unbalanced load. :)

I hope you love your new washer and dryer! There's lots of detergents just for the new high-efficiency washers, too.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like its going to make wash day better! Lucky you :)
Love, Mom

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

kevin was happy and surprised that you bought the set from him. he has been studying appliances on his days off to get really really knowledgeable - even the history and sociology behind household appliances! i hope they work out really well for you!