27 October 2010

Oh blissful sleep...

You know what makes me feel better? Extra sleep!

Lately I've been draggy-ass tired and have been experiencing some of the side effects to long term sleep deprivation. For me, these effects included grumpiness, outright bitchiness, inability to smile, general feeling that life is not supposed to be a cheery experience, making connections that don't exist in conversation and general suspicion. I have not been pleasant to live with, believe me.

I thought my overall grumpiness was an extended Down, which it still could be. I am not accustomed to any long term emotional state so this was new and unwelcome. I also thought it was a result of the stress of having teenagers, that could also be a contributing factor. Then one day I remembered that when I started at this job five years ago I would go to bed at 7pm to be up at 3am. That's eight hours of sleep. But somehow I've arranged things so that I go to bed at 9pm and am up at 4am. That's only seven hours of sleep.

Since I wasn't willing to change my evening routine at all the only option I could see was to start later in the morning. I don't want to start too late because then I feel all out of place with my routine. So I decided to start work a half hour later than usual. And yes, that half hour has made a huge difference in my overall mood. I've kept in mind that I can move my shift another half hour to get that little bit more sleep but for now I'll leave it as is. After all, for now it's working!

I forgot how good it felt to be well rested :)


Chantelle said...

It's amazing how much of an impact not sleeping well can make, isn't it? I hope that you're able to catch up soon.

love you,

Tibcat said...

Please tell me you don't set the alarm on days when you don't have to be up!

I've finally acknowledged that I don't have to be up at any certain time so now setting the alarm is an aberration that I will move mountains to avoid doing!

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

glad to read you are getting your sleep managed.

when i was deressed, i actually slept a lot more. now that i am less depressed (and off the meds), i sleep a lot less. i enjoy being awake more than being asleep, so i push it a little bit and get less than optimal amounts of sleep, but i haven't been getting too tired. i guess my definition of 'adequate' sleep has changed for me.