03 October 2010

Yard work

My yard is now ready for winter. Sigh.

All the sweet peas have been taken off the fence and put in bags. In past years we make large TumblePeas (like tumbleweeds) out of the sweet peas but this year I managed to buy the crappiest twine available. It snapped under the barest amount of tension. So this time we used some garbage bags S got from work for free. They are heavy duty, double lined garbage bags and they worked exceptionally well. Now my fence and back yard look naked.

My lawn has been cut now for the last time this season. I even poured the rest of the gas into my car instead of storing it in the shed over the winter. Instead of raking up all the beautiful leaves I just ran over them with the lawn mower. That was mildly successful but wildly fun :) Now I have leaf bits everywhere and large piles of leaves in the curb gutter and my little stairs at the base of the front lawn. I suppose I could rake them up. Or wait for a huge windstorm, whichever comes first.

Sigh. Facing the end of summer just sucks.

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Chantelle said...

I agree. Facing the end of summer sucks. We went for a walk this evening and it was cold. Where is the warm? What happened to the sun? Where's all the green?

Winter is beautiful in its own way. But the real bright spot is that summer will come back.

Love you,