01 November 2010

Halloween is gone again

Halloween has come and gone for another year. This is the first year that I remember where I actually missed the idea of trick-or-treating with my boys. After having done it so many times I was glad to not participate. But this year I think I was struck by how mature my boys are now and that trick-or-treating with your mom is a Little Kid thing, not a Teenager thing.

This year I decided not to hand out candy and shut my house up tight. No porch light, no light leaking through the curtains in the living room and the back porch light was off as well. Normally kids will still come to the door even with my lights off, but this year there was nobody. I couldn't even hear the kids yelling out on the street or running past my house. It was eerie. Is my street done with Halloween trick-or-treaters? We'll see next year, I guess.

S and I spent the evening inside watching TV, one of my favorite pastimes :) We saw the new series The Walking Dead on AMC and it was excellent! Definitely one to set my DVR for. If you're not familiar with it, TWD is about a Deputy who is shot and in a coma. He wakes up to an empty (and trashed) hospital to discover the dead don't just lie still. His wife and child are missing so he goes out to find them. Very well done, well worth my time to watch :)

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