20 November 2010

So tired

I have been so tired lately. Last week at work it felt like I had to lean into a strong wind just to walk from one place to another. My body just didn't want to move anywhere at all. And my job involves very heavy lifting - as much as 2000 kg a day in 20 kg increments. This week I felt like I was living on a plante where the gravity is twice as strong as Earth, making everything so much heavier than normal. Many times I just wanted to sit down and cry from frustration at not being able to go fast or even normal pace at work.

I've been getting enough sleep at night, going to bed on time and sleeping that extra half hour, and sleeping well. But today I took a three hour nap after eight hours of solid sleep last night! I don't nap usually, it screws with my night sleep.

Since I'm big on self-diagnosis, I figure part of the tiredness could be from Mother Nature reminding me that I am a woman last week, or the iron pills I'm taking are no longer effective, or stress from the drama at work (and the idea that it's incredibly slow right now and it's our busy season leads me to think - what will it be like during our slow season in Feb?), or the stress from making sure J has a place to go to school...and that he attends school, or I'm coming down with something nasty.

As for sickness, well, I'm lucky that way. The last flu I had that included body aches, wet chest cough and stuffiness was about five years ago. It was when I started this job. The last tummy flu I had that involved actual vomiting was about ten years ago, when I first got my driver's license. I remember it clearly because I was with the boys at WalMart and it was my first winter of driving. I got the three of us home safely before walking calmly to the bathroom to eject my stomach contents, denying that I was even sick the entire time. I really hate that part of being sick. I would make a horrible anorexic.

Not to say I haven't been sick over the years. If a flu is going around I may have a stuffy nose one day, body aches another day, a rattly chest the third day. But nothing all at once where I'm knocked out for a while. If tummy troubles are going around I remind my body that food leaving through the front door isn't an option and so I may feel a little nauseous but that's it.

I'm seeing my doctor next month for my annual physical - what girl doesn't love that - if I'm still really tired I'll ask her about it then. Maybe I'm just getting old :)

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Chantelle said...

With all the stress you're under, no wonder you're tired! There's a lot going on and it wouldn't surprise me if your body is telling you to rest. That, plus the fact that it's that time of the month, well, your body will need more rest.

I hope that you're feeling less tired soon. Talking to your doctor sounds like a good idea.

love you,