07 January 2011

Change is in the air

I haven't talked much about work lately, but remember I have a micromanaging bully for a boss that is also the owner? Ok, well I found out that she's not technically the owner. There are shares in the company and she and her husband are Founders. While her husband had more shares than she did, she kept the label 'owner' and her husband had the title 'President'. Well. Apparently her husband's office is empty, cleaned out, vacated. I suspected there were problems in their relationship but couldn't really pin anything down. It turns out he left her.

I was really quite worried about this as he was President and if he's not there than what would happen to the company? Owner is awful at public relations so I couldn't imagine her taking his position. I found out through someone else that he didn't really do much, he was more of a pretty face and his duties were easily distributed to the rest of the administration staff. And then we had a meeting.

Yesterday we were all called to the main production area where Accountant was standing with three people I didn't recognize. Earlier in the day Salesman was showing some woman around and allowing her to take photos of the plant. So this meeting just compounded my curiosity. We were introduced to these people. One is now the New Owner. He bought out President's shares in the company and is now the majority shareholder. He has been a shareholder for about 27 years he said and wanted, well, a job. He gave himself the title of President and assured us this was all amicable and that Old President is happy with the arrangement so all is good. The other man is from our Ontario office (we have offices in Ontario and Vancouver I think), has been with the company for about twenty years and is a new director on the Board.

New Owner went on to introduce us to his daughter, also a new director. I recognized her as the one taking photos. She has been involved with major corporations like Cadbury and the people that make RayBan sunglasses and has negotiated with places like France to have English companies in the market. Apparently that's difficult to do. We were also told there is another director who couldn't be there as he was recovering from surgery. This absent one is responsible for creating and building Direct Energy (a major gas company that bought out ATCO here) and for conceptualizing and building the Alliance Pipeline.

New Owner assured us that our positions are stable and to let him worry about all the 'politicking' involved in this new structure. Sure. Ok. He then told us that with his new Board of Directors they are going to investigate the company to see where some improvements can be made. It's been a very tough two years (still on four days a week) and they want to know why the business isn't doing as well as it could, and to implement changes to get us back to being busy and successful again. Sounds good, but scary.

We were called for a meeting again today. New Owner wants to keep us informed of the changes that are being made, he said. Less than an hour before, he and his Board terminated Micromanaging Bully's position. While she's still a shareholder, she no longer is employed by the company. It took an amazing amount of restraint to not applaud or grin from ear to ear. I could see many others struggling with the same restraint.

New Owner then told us that Accountant has now been appointed as CFO of the company and Salesman is now Vice-President in charge of Operations. Another employee also told me that she suggested to CFO that we hire the Big Boss back as he was excellent at running the plant. He quit because of Micromanager and hasn't been replaced even though we badly need some kind of middle management on the production floor. CFO said they are working on it!

While I know that all this change is going to be stressful, I'm hoping it's going to be a positive kind of stress. I do like my job, although I swear things have become heavier in recent times, but I've been looking for a new one for a while. Micromanager created such a poisonous environment that I'd decided it wasn't worth my mental health trying to make it work. But now with this new hierarchy I think I'll stick around for a bit and see what's what :)


Chantelle said...

The changes sound fantastic!!!!! things were clearly not going well with the bully in charge - she didn't know what she was doing, and was running the company into the ground.

I hope the Big Boss comes back because you liked working with him. Wouldn't that be fantastic?


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

so happy to read that there is hope for things improving. it sounds better already. keep us updated on the changes!


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