18 February 2011

Finally got things in order

We finally have our exercise room up and running in the house. When J's girlfriend moved in we put them in the large room in the basement and just shoved the equipment into a corner. I'd been wanting to run on the treadmill but it wasn't possible with it being in their bedroom. Well, I suppose I could've done that but it might have been awkward for J and GF. It took a while, but S and I finally cleaned up the other two rooms in the basement and got things in order.

One room became our storage area because we don't have a garage. The landlord won't put one up because it'll raise his land taxes. Considering my rent is about half the market value, I told him I'd pay the extra in rent but he still wouldn't do it. So now the kitchen downstairs is a sort of an indoor garage.

The room next to it is supposed to be a bedroom and is directly underneath our bedroom. That is now our exercise room. The elliptical, treadmill and Bowflex fit ok in there. It's a bit squishy but not too bad. I also have the exercise ball in there and at some point I'll consider putting a TV and media center/dvd player in there to follow workout programs. I still keep my Bosu ball and kettle bells in the living room upstairs.

GF has been pointing out her 'chub' as she puts it (she's less than 120 lbs but I remember feeling fat at that age too) so I told her she could use the equipment whenever she wanted, just please use it responsibly. A couple of nights ago J and GF did use it and I realized this may be a problem as I was already in bed and could hear the thump-thump-thumping of J running on the treadmill directly below us. Then I realized I would really rather hear the exercise stuff being used below me than have the two of them use that room as their bedroom, so I will learn to like it.

You know what else I learned? That I won't get skinny simply owning the equipment...I have to actually use it on occasion :)


Verity Vaudeville said...

True...a lot of equipment ends up being used as a clothes horse or to hang garments from. But at least you've got them at your own disposal.

Chantelle said...

You own a bosu ball? I'm so jealous :) I'm happy to hear that you've got the room set up and it's being used.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

sounds like a great setup. i find it so hard to be motivated to get exercise, so it's good that you have arranged a room for that activity.


L.RabbitGirl said...

Hi. I've read your blog now and then but I don't *think* I've left a comment before.

I like it and I'm sure glad I read it today. I've been meaning to go to the gym for several days and almost forgot about it today!

Thanks for reminding me!
I'm glad you got things set up.
You've inspired me. :)