27 March 2011

I'm officially tired of winter

Ok, I'm ready for spring now. The snow can go ahead and melt away as quickly as possible. Really. I don't mind. Just...go away.

Every year about this time I get sick and tired of looking at snow. We have winter for so long each year (some years as much as six months) that I start to get impatient waiting for the sun to warm the ground and melt the snow. We had a teaser last weekend where I could see the snow melting in rivers out of the snowbank beside my car. But now it's just below zero again so there's not a lot of melting happening. In past years I've even shoveled the snow away from the shady part of the house out into the sunbeam to accelerate things.

Part of the reason I want the snow gone is because I have plans for my garden that I'd like to get started on. We have a stone patio right out the back door that I'm going to modify a bit. The patio is just stone sidewalk tiles and I'm going to take some away from the fence and around the new rose bush. I plan on putting Hyacinths in that space.

Then I'm going to take the tiles and put them in my driveway for extra stability. My driveway is grass/dirt in most places and my landlord won't pave it or allow gravel, but he doesn't mind the sidewalk tiles. Right at the base of the driveway where I park my car is an apparent sinkhole. No matter how many chunks of broken tiles or large rocks I put there, it's still sinking and feels like I drive over a speed bump to get up onto the alley. So I'm thinking that full tiles will fill the hole better than random chunks. Maybe. Or it could be a complete waste of my time and the tiles will sink as well. Either way, I'd like to get started but I still have over a foot of snow covering the tiles.

It really does feel like the snow will never leave, but I know that eventually it will.


amelia said...

I really love winter but I am wishing for a thaw now. Enough already. It was -20 again this morning.

Garden Furniture Sets said...

Good write robin.I am also sick of snow some times.........But personally i like winter more than spring or summer.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

i've convinced myself it's spring and started to wear spring clothes lol.


valfrid said...

Robin good writing I still sick of snow sometimes, but more like summer or winter. winter tyres