12 March 2011

W00T!! Tax refunds rule

We are proud new owners of Galaxy Tabs! Usually I spend my tax refund on something practical like bills. Well, one year I bought my car, but usually it goes to debt. This year I thought it would be cool to have a treat for all of us. S and I got the Tabs, T got cash to go towards his post secondary, J got some video games and J's GF got some new makeup treats. And because I live in a world where all is equal in terms of giving things to my kids, the leftover money from J and GF spending went into their savings account. They are saving money for when they move out so they can set up their own apartment. Ok, and they are saving to buy 'stuff' for 420. Our city allows for people to celebrate 420 on the legislature grounds peacefully. Yes, I am aware J and GF are underage, but that's an entirely different post for a different day.

Moving along, S had been wanting an iPad since he first heard of it mainly because it's a gadget and he does love his electronic gadgets. But the price was far too high and it didn't really seem to do what I would expect it to do.
Like run Adobe flash so he couldn't play his Facebook games on it. Anyway, because the price was so high it was always put pretty low on the Want List. And then Samsung came out with the Galaxy Tab.

It has a 7" screen instead of iPad's 10" screen, but it runs Flash games and has programmable software (Android). While the Galaxy doesn't have many of the cool apps that iPad has, they still have a considerable selection. And unlike iPad, the Galaxy can be upgraded as new software becomes available. I think. S described it
to me as this way: a PC or Android is like this with hardware and software (he holds up two closed fists next to each other). You can upgrade the hardware (moves one fist up) or the software (moves other fist up) independently of each other. Apple is more like this (interlocks fingers of both hands into one large fist). Software and hardware are linked. But because of market demand they have just barely started to change (shows considerable effort in moving one finger out of the interlocking fist and holds it up crookedly, but still interlocked). I prefer the idea that I can upgrade the software but keep the actual Tab instead of buying a new one.

So far I've found it very easy to use and the touch screen is more sensitive than I thought it would be. When touch screens came out I remember having a problem with them because of the calluses on the tips of my fingers. The screen couldn't read my touch as easily. The screen on the Tab is almost too sensitive for what I'm used to but I'll get used to it.

I bought a little carrying case for mine so I can take it to work and show two people what I mean when I talk about Llamas with Hats. These tw
o women don't have computers at home so it's difficult to explain some things to them. It'll be easy to show them now :) S bought a nice cover for his Tab from Future Shop with a gift card he received for his birthday. Now his is well protected for when he takes it to work, and it can also be propped up for easier hands-free viewing.

One app that I would like to see is Winamp's Milkdrop
or something similar. What a way to zone out while waiting for something, listening to music while watching color move to the music.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

wow, sounds like a fun purchase! i haven't done our taxes yet. kevin has at least 10 (yes 10!) T4s and T4As. eeep.


Chantelle said...

Cool! It sounds like a neat thing to be able to carry around.

Love you,