06 April 2011

Minding my own beeswax

I think I have officially decided to mind my own damn business at work from now on.

We have some new management (my favorite Big Boss didn't come back-too long of a list of conditions apparently) now that Owner has been let go. We have a new VP in charge of Operations that promoted Maintenance Guy to Operations Manager recently. I know that the transition time will be difficult but I seem to be lacking quite severely in patience and am frustrated with the way things are going.

About two weeks ago we had an incident where one coworker was screaming at another across the floor. Not long before the screamer was making racial comments about the screamee which didn't help at all. I think management should have pulled screamer aside either that very day before she stomped off and punched out for the day, or first thing the next day. Instead it took about a week to discipline screamer as management wanted to check with the Union first to make sure they were handling things properly. When VP came to me while I was in the cooler to tell me (again) his side and why they did things the way they did, I disagreed with him. No big deal. Except he got more and more angry with me about it. His body language was really offensive to me (standing so his side faced me, arm out, palm out to me and patting the air in front of my face) and I felt myself shutting down. He ended up telling me if I had any concerns we should sit down in the office and talk about it. I told him that I'm going to stop doing that. Instead I'll simply do my job and go home every day.

Maybe ten minutes later he came back to me and apologized for his tone. He said he was abrupt and rude (yes indeedy he was) and that was inconsiderate. I thanked him for his apology. He told me he values me being his 'eyes on the floor' and would like me to continue watching things and letting him know what was going on. I didn't respond to that. Instead I thought about it for a while and found that I put way too much emotional energy into the whole thing.

You see, when I watch my coworkers and find their behaviour in need of some adjustment I expect that it'll be adjusted in a way that I agree with. Let's remember here that I have zero authority at work. I am simply the Scaler, nothing more, nor do I want to be anything more. But I do start to get all caught up in how things should be at work. What I remembered after my conversation with VP is that just because I think things need to be done a certain way, that doesn't mean the Bigwigs think the same way I do. And, more importantly, just because something isn't done my way doesn't mean it's wrong, it's just different.

So instead of going to VP with all kinds of ideas on how to handle a situation, or about a situation itself, I think I'll keep my mouth shut unless it directly relates to me doing my job. If it doesn't affect me at all then I will simply look the other way and remind myself that I am not the boss, or the queen, or god. This has worked so far. Mostly I keep repeating 'just do my job, nothing more, nothing less' or 'that's above my pay grade' in my head to stave off the urge to get all consumed by how one person sneaks out for a cigarette or how another is chewing gum.

This is by no means an easy task, but I must remember that I don't rule the world. I find it to be much less stressful when I concentrate on getting my work done instead of watching to see who is taking advantage of what and when.

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The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

wow, it sounds like you gave yourself some good advice! you will likely reduce your own stress that way.