23 April 2011

Something quantum

S won some tickets to the movies recently so we used them to see Source Code. It's about the military government being able to send a person's consciousness to retrieve information about the last 8 minutes of someone's life. In this case there is a bomb on the train and the person must find the bomber and report back. He is sent back repeatedly to get this information. Some questions arose during the movie which were answered enough for me, a layman in terms of quantum physics, by the end. The concept of the movie also created questions in real life.

For instance, what if we are simply energy or consciousness and have created a world to appear real in order to experience it or take information from it? What if our bodies aren't real, they only feel real because it is the only way for our consciousness to be able to interpret the world we inhabit at this moment? What if we can travel to different planes of existence by moving our consciousness out of this plane and onto another? Would this mean that when our 'body' dies our consciousness is released and carries information to the next stage, plane, existence, realm? Who would have created this world and the rules that our consciousness must follow (gravity, obesity from overeating, bleeding when cut, being born, dying)? Are there other planes with different rules? Will our consciousness remember this realm when/if we move to a different realm?

Could this mean that mental illness is a manifestation of the consciousness not fully arriving on this plane? That maybe a part of the consciousness is tethered to another realm and is unable to fully experience this realm? Or the mentally ill are able to see different planes, realms, existences concurrently with the one we call Earth?

Would all of this mean that dreams are a time when our consciousness downloads the information from Earth to another plane? Our dreams seeming mixed up and weird because several hours of information must be transmitted in minutes? Are we in fact visiting a different realm or plane as we dream? Is one of the rules of our existence here on Earth that we must download or transmit information regularly or the reality we create begins to break down and cause what we call insanity?

Would any of this mean we are interconnected, part of a larger whole, not entirely individuals? To hurt another person then would be hurting our own consciousness? To be merely a part of a mass consciousness where we contribute by reporting our findings as experienced by our unique energy signature? That each of us creates an existence based on what we live through, are influenced by, and are given by others? Is it possible that I was born as who I am because the mass consciousness needs a perspective that only I could provide, and the same could be said for every human being?

If that is the case, then what of animals? Plants? Microbes? Would they also be placed here to learn and report? Are they part of the same consciousness as a whole? Is that what we would describe as reincarnation...to be given different perspectives for further education?

My brain is feels full now.


amelia said...

Good grief!! You've filled mine up too!!

Interesting though and I think we've all wondered some of these things in one form or another!!

Right now all I can think about is, I'm hungry! I wonder if we'd take this feeing to another plane?

Chantelle said...

My brain is also full! Interesting thoughts, however... it'd be fun to talk this over next time we talk.

Love you,