05 May 2011

Five days...and bills

Woohoo! We have our Mondays back! It's been two years of working four days a week and now we finally will be back to full time. I hope.

When I saw the schedule I asked our New Boss if it was permanent or temporary, this Monday thing. He said it was permanent because Old Owner was the one that kept us at four days. She didn't want to pay the wages to keep us full time and now that she's gone so is our old schedule. As much as I want to get my hopes up I really am leery of it being permanent. It's just been too long and we were treated too badly for me to be completely trusting of New Boss. I'm getting there, but it's a thorny path to walk down.

Everyone at work has been complaining of not working Mondays because it's really hard on the budget. Now that the schedule is posted people are complaining of not having the day off :) We got used to booking appointments, doing housework, sleeping in, all that stuff. Now I wonder where I'll spend all the money that will be rolling in with full time work.

Ok, I already spent some of it. I went to leave work today and noticed a flapping noise coming from the rear tire. I pulled over and yep, it was flat. Not even low, it was really flat. Across the street is an AMA outlet so I went there and asked if someone could put my little doughnut spare tire on for me. As we were walking back to my car I wondered if I have a doughnut spare in my trunk. Yep :) And a jack too :) I found out the tire was flattened by some piece of metal that punctured the treads. I would repair the tire, but that tire was already repaired with a leak on the bendy part. Two tire repairs on one tire doesn't seem worth my money.

I drive the highway to get to work every day and the doughnut is only good for below 80 km/hr so I wanted to get new tires right away. After my doughnut was installed I went to Kal Tire and saw about getting new ones. He could have done the tires today but I needed the car to get to a lawyer's appointment for my mom's estate (what? take the bus? I think not.) So I agreed to drop it off Saturday morning and leave it for the whole day so they can do it in between other jobs. The service adviser showed me the tires that fit my car and after we discarded the idea of performance tires I chose the ones that were labeled as all season but rated for winter. Oh yes our Canadian winters are long and snow is difficult to drive in sometimes. These tires apparently are like having winter tires on your car so there's better traction in the snow, but they also are good for summer. Bye bye extra money.

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