19 June 2011

My garden

My garden this year isn't quite as successful as I'd like. My sweet peas in particular are pathetically small and sparse. Every other year I would just kind of drop the seeds in the ground and they would grow fantastically well. This year I meticulously set each seed down the same distance apart and the same depth. Then I put new soil on top for extra nutrients. Some of the seeds have sprouted but there are whole sections that don't even have the slightest bit of growth :( We've had a lot of rain lately. Maybe that will help them.

My Morden Sunrise from last year didn't come up this year :( It had many beautiful blooms last year but this year there wasn't a single green leaf or stem to be found. I reluctantly
dug it out and bought another one. This time I put the new one in a different location: right between two other hardy rose bushes.

S and I moved one hardy rose to make room but it didn't survive the transplant as you can see on the right :(

I watched the new Sunrise for new growth...and nothing. Not a leaf or stem. As a matter of fact, the main stem was looking like it was dying as well. So I bought another one, this one larger. I removed the
dead rosebush from the new location and put both the stunted and new Sunrises there. They seem to be holding on...barely. Maybe the drenching rain will help them? You can see the newest one leaning off to the side below:
I also bought a Morden Snowbeauty to put
between the two hardy bushes so there isn't as much of a gaping hole from the failed transplant. This one has a bud on it so I'm hoping it survives.

We also bought some dogwood bushes for the back fence. Siberian Dogwood to be specific. It has nice red stems with green leaves and white flowers. The bushes are still young so I doubt they'll flower this year.

A woman I work with gave me seeds to some 'orange flowers'. I think they are a daisy type of flower but I don't know for sure, they are coming up beautifully. The pink poppy seeds she gave me and the Evening Scented Stock I planted have no signs of seedlings. However, my tulips that I transplanted came up this year...but only one bloomed. The rain knocked the petals off, but it was a beautiful shade of deep purple.

The only thing doing really well is my mini lilac bush:
This is the best year it's had so far. I also bought two new lilac bushes called 'Lilac Sensation'. They will have pretty flowers that are purple in the center with white edging. I've never seen that before so hopefully they will survive and bloom for next year. If I can find a place to put them. At the moment they are sitting in my yard still in the pot they came in.

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iambipolar2 said...

My garden is bad also just hasn't been good weather. I live on disability and don't have money to replant. It sucks!