07 June 2011


Remember the awful barium enema I had? Well, I also had an ultrasound to see if the pain in my perineum was from an organ instead of from the bowels. The standard here in my city is that if you don't hear back about your test results then everything is fine. I waited almost two weeks after the ultrasound as the test results were to be given to the doctor within five working days. I'd already had the blood work done, the urinalysis and the horrendous enema done so the ultrasound was the last test.

I was getting very paranoid that I had some awful tumor growing on my ovary or something and it was pressing on my pelvic floor causing the pain. So when I didn't hear back from the doctor's office I decided to go in anyway, even though I knew it would piss them off. And it turns out that the results were normal. All the tests came back negative which meant the pain was from a muscle strain. I asked why it would still hurt after six months and he said that kind of strain takes a long time to heal.

Then he mentioned offhandedly that I have fibroids in my uterus but that they don't cause any pain at all. Apparently there are four of them, the largest being 4cm. I'd heard of fibroids, my aunt had them I think, so I didn't think to ask any questions.

Then I went home and typed an email to my sisters about the lab results. After I hit 'send' I did some research on fibroids. You know they can be treated? I sat there looking at the computer thinking that there is no reason for me to live with super heavy periods with a lot of pain if there is treatment available. I went back to the doctor and asked for a referral to a gynecologist to treat them. He didn't have any problem with that, but I wondered...why didn't he offer treatment while I was there the first time? I hate that sometimes doctors think the problem is just an inconvenience instead of a medical concern.

So now I have an appointment in September about the fibroids. In a way, I hope they just remove the uterus. I'm done with having babies and having periods.

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amelia said...

Good for you for taking charge of your own health.
I hope you are able to get the fibroids removed.