05 July 2011

TV in the summer is sucky

There's really nothing much on TV at the moment so I've been checking out some new shows. S and I watched the whole first season of Game of Thrones and loved it. The story line was fantastic, complicated and well executed. The characters are beautifully rounded and more intelligent as each show progressed. Lots of information crammed into one hour and each hour left me wanting more of the story. It aired on HBO which I'm sure stands for "Heaps of Boobies Often" instead of "Home Box Office". I swear every episode of GoT had some kind of sex in it ranging from full frontal nudity (male and female) to full on soft core porn. Is it part of the contract that the shows must include as much sex as possible to be aired on HBO? Anyway, we would get the occasional promo for more HBO shows, including True Blood.

Now this show just completed it's fourth season I think. It would almost get my attention but not quite, you know? Out of sheer boredom I thought we could give it a try and downloaded the first season.

What can I say? Copious sex, check. Boobies, check. Male frontal nudity, not yet. The story is a bit interesting. The idea that vampires 'come out of the coffin' and try to live 'mainstream' by drinking True Blood is neat. There's a shape shifter and what appears to be a succubus. Oh, and the main character Annoying Sookie is telepathic. But the biggest problem I have with this show is the idea of vampire sex. I mean, here's a creature of the dead. No blood running in his veins, no siree. So...how does he, um, get, uh...ready for sex? Doesn't that require a fair bit of blood flowing to specific areas of the body? And the makeup department doesn't quite have things right. Again, this man is dead. No blood flow. So why would his skin be glowing peach as he's getting it on with Irritating Sookie? Wouldn't his skin be grey and pasty? His face is, usually, but you'd think his whole body would also be the color of...well...dead things. As there is little better on at the moment, I've started watching the second season. I frequently have to find my eyeballs after they've rolled out of their sockets though.

Another show we've been watching is Falling Skies by Stephen Spielberg. Cue the orchestra that he has on hand for background noise, er, music. No nudity or sex so that's a kind of relief. The show is about aliens that have landed on Earth and eliminated all the military and government. The survivors are trying to...I have no idea. Go somewhere? Fight the aliens? Set up camp? The children are taken by the aliens, that much we know, and harnessed with this sort of slug thing. Slug is attached to the child's neck and upper back by fusing rods into their spine through the shirts they wear. I guess they are destined to wear that shirt forever now.

It's been four episodes (pilot was two hours) and we have no idea what the aliens are doing on Earth, how they breathe Earth air, why the survivors seem so calm or why the aliens don't attack this group of around 300 people and instead focus on groups of five or so. Um, that makes no sense. If the aliens were able to differentiate politicians and military from civilians they must have been watching for a while, but there's no evidence of that yet. And if the aliens like the children to be harnessed and enslaved, why keep the adults around at all? Why not kill them all? To make sure they have more kids?

Another story glitch is when a small group of survivors happened upon a nest of sleeping aliens. They were bat-like in their sleep, hanging upside down in a tunnel. Everywhere these aliens go (called skitters) there are Mechs. These Mechs are basically robots that shoot at people when they get too close. But only if the Mech sees the people. Don't these machines have a constant radar or something so they can sense approaching people? Why wait until people make a noise and draw attention? Anyway, there was a nest of sleeping skitters with Mechs...also apparently not guarding the nest. Why not? Were they sleeping too? Just silly.

I may not make it through many more episodes of Falling Skies. It's just too slow and not thought out very well. I can't wait for good TV to be back on the air.

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