07 August 2011

I think fall is on arrival earlier than I'd like

We have had so much rain this year that my rose bushes have exploded in growth! Some stems have grown so fast they can't hold themselves up with the weight of the blooms on the ends. The bush by my front door is starting to overtake my step and look like it's trying to get inside the house. There has been so much rain that all of the bushes have lots of blooms, even the Morden Sunrise! I hope it makes it through the winter. The last one didn't.

The roses also have some kind of white stuff on the leaves. I think it's from too much rain, maybe mold? There are also lots of little holes in the leaves from some kind of bug, but I don't see any bugs anywhere except ants. The ants are crawling all over my roses, getting into the blossoms and eating the pollen I guess.

My mini lilac has never looked healthier, also probably from the rain. There are new shoots everywhere and it's filled out very nicely. The new lilacs I planted have not filled out, but they also have not started to die so I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll see blooms next year.

The sweet peas are stunted this year. Probably from rain :) I made sure to carefully place each and every seed whereas in past years I've just dumped the seeds. I think the latter method works better for getting bushier plants, but most likely they prefer a bit less water as well. Either way, they are only about half the usual height and not as bushy as the past few seasons.

The new Siberian Dogwoods are already changing their leaves. I noticed the other day that there was a chill in the air and the trees looked a bit less vibrant. Now I can see on a few trees the yellow leaves on top, on my roses the yellowing leaves near the base, and the Dogwoods' definite change in color. I'm not ready for fall, but I think it's just about here already.

In other news, my spider is back. Most years that I've lived here there has been a large spider residing under the eave of the shed. I hadn't seen her this year and thought maybe she found a new home but I was outside today and saw the web going from the mini lilac to the shed to the fence. Hiding in the eave was the spider, probably resting from her meal of dragonfly that was got caught in her web.

The dragonflies have been a delight this summer! We always have mosquitoes that come out in the evening. They are attracted to the heat of your body so in the height of the day they don't bite too much, but evenings are wretched. The city was trying to tell us for a while that the mosquito population was no worse than previous years but I knew different. The ones that come out at night are called Aedes Vexans and they don't really bother me. They bounce off my skin without biting, usually. When they finally do settle down to bite they take a while to be able to get the stinger in my skin. This leaves me plenty of opportunity for slapping them. These are slow moving mosquitoes as well that you can clap in mid air and die reasonably easily.

Then I was outside and found the mosquitoes to be swarming my face in the middle of the afternoon! I am not used to this. These ones are smaller then the Vexans and had no problem biting me. They also didn't die as easily, they needed to be slapped harder and were more difficult to catch in mid air. The city found out these are a different variety called Ochlerotatus Spencerii that are attracted to carbon dioxide...or breath. The city finally admitted that the mosquitoes were far worse than we are accustomed to because of this new variety. And these Spencerii will lay eggs in short grass and are able to wait out a drought for up to ten years. So we could have had these pests at any point but with this year's huge rainfall it hatched the dormant eggs.

Between the swarms of mosquitoes and heavy rain I don't feel much like I've enjoyed my summer this year. And here is fall creeping into the days already. Maybe we'll have a warm and gentle fall. That would be nice :)

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