19 August 2011

Work evaluations

We all got performance reviews at work this week and I've got to say...finally! Last year the review was merely handed out to each of us and completed by the Line Supervisor. I don't work on the line or even closely with the LS so I couldn't imagine how she could fill out a performance review. She did so by keeping it vague, included spelling and grammatical errors, and had it handed to me by the R&D baker. Oh, and there was no raises given. The year before that we were all given a cursory review, same sheet filled out but by the Production Manager, and no raises.

This year there has been some major upheaval in the management area so we were all kind of unsure who would be performing our reviews. We have a new Production Manager who used to be our maintenance man. He's a good man but far too kind. He doesn't seem to want to ever say no to anyone, resulting in things like having five people away on vacation at the same time (previously unheard of to have more than two people away at a time), and no discipline for poor behaviour or work ethic. How he could review anyone and say a negative thing is beyond me, and there are some people who are in need of some constructive criticism. In order to help run the plant the Upper Management team has hired a Consultant to come in and...consult. He's a bit of a grand thinker, always looking for things to change and not really focused on details. At the same time he's much more aware of how to get things done and how to do some of the nasty work like keeping people on task.

Consultant has since been upgraded in his status to Production Leader, a new position. So he performed the reviews with each of us, and our immediate supervisors. So that was surprising. Also, the standard form was used but not filled out this time. Instead I was called into the office with PL and the Bakery Supervisor where we proceeded to discuss each point and agree on a rating.

There were six categories: Attendance/Punctuality, Work Performance, Policies & Procedures, Communication, Hygiene/Sanitation/Safety, and Attitude. Out of a maximum of 18 points, I got 15, which I find excellent :) BS and PL did too and were unable to come up with anything I could really improve upon, except that I can be rigid at times. BS did agree that I have been less rigid and have less of an attitude problem in the last year. I didn't tell them that I think it's because of the EMPowerplus I've been taking because that would have opened the door to telling them I have Bipolar Disorder. I don't think they need that information quite yet.

So my review was overall quite good and included a raise of 4%. Not much I know, but better than the last few years. And I was talking to Accountant about the reviews and he said they tried to be fair in doling out raises. Accountant and PL both feel that some people deserve more money simply because they are better employees, where other people just don't. That would be the whole point of performance reviews in my mind: the idea that you are given feedback on your job performance and areas to improve upon. In return the employee can also express any concerns that affect her job. Raises to me are all about whether or not you have done well at your job or not. I know there are people that disagree with this, and I work with many of those people :)

The only disappointment to the review is that there was no room to consider extra stuff. Like the fact that I finally got the Upper Management to try a cake I liked. Not only did they try it but they loved it and named it after me! I thought they were kidding when I was told that, but there it was on the schedule with my name in the title of the cake. And I came up with the idea for the lot code system. Specifically using a database system to track the whole thing. As far as I know they didn't go with the idea, but it did show I know enough about the various departments to tie them together, and express all of it in a well thought out manner. And the review didn't take into consideration that I have been asked to go through the inventory list (2,389 items...eek) and update it so that the items are assigned proper bin numbers. This is an arduous task. I have also been asked to be the spot checker during inventory, a position of some importance as Accountant must be able to trust the spot checker's numbers.

Then I remembered, we are Union. That's why none of this extra stuff can be considered. Union doesn't like evaluations based on individuality, they like everybody treated the same. The only reason they agreed to allowing the company to hold performance evaluations and give raises at their discretion was because the form was developed. This way each employee is ranked on the same criteria. And raises are only discretionary after the progression level of pay. If you are below progression level, you automatically get $0.25/hr more regardless of performance.

Oh well. At least it was noted that I'm appreciated and excellent at my job. And I got a raise, woohoo!


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

so happy you got a great performance review and a raise too! well done!


Chantelle said...

Congrats on the raise!